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solar light for phototherapy

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Hmm, I have heard the same but do not have any good sources. However, I would be very catious, phototherapy light has a relatively narrow wavelength intervall (around 400-500 nm I think) so some kind of filter would probably be needed. In addition, the risk of sunburns would likely be high, as the risk of temperature instability.

I found this conversation in the journal Indian Pediatrics, it gives further comments to read: http://indianpediatrics.net/aug2002/aug-791.htm

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Sun light as a means of phototherapy in neonatal jaundice is in initial stages of development that is what I draw from my recent searches on the net.I was very much interested in the news the day I heard about it. It has been traditionally used in neonatal jaundice here and in many parts of India.In Ladakh we depend a lot on the sun. We have sun warmed room,solar lightening system, solar water heater, solar water pumps etc.So a phototherapy unit working with the help of sunlight will suit places like our a lot offcourse that will mean taking extra precaution for avoiding sunburns and hypothermia.I attach a link which is regarding the successful use of sunlight for phototherepy.http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=14118771.

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