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I do believe that teaching ,educational videos are of great help to all practitioners ...as much as image library is useful,interesting,and challenging tool...a video library at 99nicu will be a valuable enriching window to all of us.

what do you think?!!!


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We can tackle the data issue temporarily. How about we have a 99nicu channel in youtube ? Then we upload the video there directly or send it to 99nicu and 99nicu uploads it to youtube.

Many advantages

- No need for extra storage in 99nicu servers

- Youtube has a huge reach...which means many people who are not even 99nicu members can see these educational videos

-The more people who watch these videos on youtube..the more publicity 99nicu gets.

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Guest Agnieszka Domanska

This is very good idea but how can we protect the access for not professionals? And what about the parental consent for publication?

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I think once the videos are on the youtube......anyone can watch it

If some lay people want to watch them...they can do so ( There is nothing wrong with that..I think)

I know many of todays parents with babies in the NICU already know more about their infant's medical condition than the treating physician...Thats the beauty of the internet....Knowledge is for everyone...

Regarding consent...I think we should have a detailed policy for submission very soon. I am sure Stefan is working on it. ;-)

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