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PDA treatment - indo vs ibuprofen

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We start treating PDA by fluid restrictio.In case it's not successful and PDA

effect the baby's condition ,we consider all risk factors,ECHO & laboratory tests and start indomethacin treatment.

I don't used ibuprofen in my practice.

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We dont use Ibuprofen in our practice. However I have done a seminar about the use of Ibuprofen for the treatment of PDA. all RCT concluded that IBU & INDO have similar efficacy on PDA, but infants treated with IBU experience lower serum creatinine values, higher urine output, and less undesirable decreased organ blood flow and vaso-constrictive adverse effects. I can send the links of the articles if anyone is interested

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IV form of Ibuprofen is expensive, not available in my country. We sometimes use oral ibuprofen.

There are quiet few studies on that issue like:

1: Chotigeat U, Jirapapa K, Layangkool T. A comparison of oral ibuprofen and intravenous indomethacin for closure of patent ductus arteriosus in preterm infants.J Med Assoc Thai. 2003 Aug;86 Suppl 3:S563-9.

2: Heyman E, Morag I, Batash D, Keidar R, Baram S, Berkovitch M.

Closure of patent ductus arteriosus with oral ibuprofen suspension in premature newborns: a pilot study. Pediatrics. 2003 Nov;112(5):e354.

3: Hariprasad P, Sundarrajan V, Srimathy G, Suthagar B, Ramadevi BS.

Oral ibuprofen for closure of hemodynamically significant PDA in premature

neonates. Indian Pediatr. 2002 Jan;39(1):99-100.

But be ware of the reported complication of spontaneous intestinal perforation (we have not experienced it) but other had:

Tatli MM, Kumral A, Duman N, Demir K, Gurcu O, Ozkan H. Spontaneous intestinal perforation after oral ibuprofen treatment of patent ductus arteriosus in two very-low-birthweight infants.

Acta Paediatr. 2004 Jul;93(7):999-1001.

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We have been using Indomethacin in my unit for last 10years. On confirmation of a significant PDA we restrict the fluid and give diuretics in low dose. Even PDA of 3 mm size has closed with this treatment. If favourable like normal renal function and normal platelet counts with no IVH Indomathacin we give without hesitation if ECHO shows a hemodynamically significant PDA. On two occasions with low plateletas PDA was complicating the scenario so much that we gave platelet and used indomethacin to successfully close the PDA.

I have used Ibuprofen while working in UK. My personal experience is that Indomethacin can be safely used in Prems with significant PDA after a trial of fluid restriction and diuretics.

Dr Suresh Chandran

Consultant Neonatologist

RIPAS Hospital

Brunei Darussalam

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