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Use of probiotics in the prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis in the preterm infant

Guest enaid1

Do you use probiotics as a strategy to prevent NEC in very/extremely preterm infants  

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Posted 07 December 2009 by enaid1

I would like information concerning the efficacy of probiotic (enterally) and its useage as prevention of NEC in the preterm infant. Currently in our Hi level II SCN, our neos currently write orders for 100mg Primadophalous to be added to formula or breast milk with every feeding or every other feeding. I'd like to hear any comments. I'm putting together an education piece for my SCN staff as their nurse educator. Thanks!

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We did ot do any research on the topic but it seems to me that approach probably should be different dependently of the kind of oral feeding. As far as baby receives breast milk "APPROPRIATE" and "proper" flora is supported with breast milk factors. We currently don't use probiotics routinely for prevention of NEC

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Hi everyone,

Could you help me? What do you think about feeding prematures ( and VLBW and ELBW) by term formula with probiotics in the first days of their life ( first 10 days). Did everyone hear something about it on some Congress or red about it? I had read a lot of about feeding of prematures, and know that in our premature formula is 24kcl/o.But Adamkin wrote nice book - nutritional strategies for the VLBW infants, and he wrote about premature formula of 24kcal/oz. Lucas wrote about influence term formula on prematures with lower IQ, but my colegues insist on term formula with probiotics. And i know that brest milk is the best.

I hope some would answer to me, because I wish the best for my little babies.


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I would like to know what you find out. We don't use any at this time, but we have a very high incidence of NEC. We are keeping more 23 to 24 weekers alive to just have a higher rate of NEC and other gut problems.

NEC is multifactorial. So if you have a high incidence of NEC, it is time to do an audit of all possible causes of NEC and to see which ones can be modified. Maybe feeding is being started too early or being increased too fast. Maybe underlying sepsis...so many possible causes and possible modifications.

There is no magic bullet therapy for prevention of NEC. Don't just count on probiotics to prevent all your NECs untill you address all issues

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