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Use of corn oil

Guest mohdash

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If we have a premie with poor weight gain we start them on MCT oil. If the patient requires the addtional fat calories for optimal growth at the time of discharge we will change them to vegetable or corn oil (occassionally)

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sorry for this lately answer, here in mexico we dont have MTC oil, and the presentation in to big for one baby, so we have to useo corn oil ,first we have to be feeding at the maximium amount of proteins that can we give to the patient, then if we don have a good weight gain, we add corn oil 0.5 ml to 1 ml in each feed or alternate depend the nutritional constant that we are looking for. hope this help.

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I find it strange that corn oil is preferred to coconut oil.

Yes I do know that MCT oil's cost is prohibitive in developing countries, but the next best thing after MCT oil is coconut oil which is >90% MCT oil. Coconut oil is very cheap, I think there are many brands available for less than 2$ out there depending on what the purification levels are.

But one thing to remember is that if coconut oil is not stored properly, after some time it becomes rancid.

My preterms tolerate coconut oil and thrive well with no reported intolerance.

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