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Congratulations to all responsible for the enhanced 99nicu.org platform!

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Thanks for your kind words!

Thanks for solving this yourself, you used the right method ("click & go, trial & error")!

Once a member is logged in, this is really the best method.

But, we also have a short manual...


BTW: I moved your thread to the Feedback & Support forum.

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Thanks both for the addy of your short manual, and for validating my urge to "poke around to find things." Unfortunately, as a result of doing so recently, I somehow disabled my ability to access the email in my in-box at all! All messages apparently have been moved from wherever they were before to somewhere within the bowels of Yahoo, which I am unable to access because I have not "registered" yet for Yahoo, they claim, despite the existence, For Years, of my Yahoo email account. (Go figure! lol) I am prevented from "registering" for Yahoo tonight because using both my email addys, all of my user names I can can come up with plus all my passwords that I am able to remember, they fail to "match" so my attempts to register with Yahoo have all been rejected.

I did, though, "poke around" on this platform and I will be anxious to learn if I have been successful in updating the demographic data which is automatically with my name when I post. Probably the demo data display requires me to reboot my computer first, which I haven't yet done, but I'll do that now.....

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Suggestion to Stefan: The two icons, for "has been read" and "unread as yet" are presently, for elder eyes anyway, too hard to distinguish. Ideally, the visual difference between the two icons should be widened. On the Munsell axes of color, the two icons ARE different both in hue and value, but for both color characteristics the "contrast" difference is too small. The icons are too similar both in hue (grey versus blue) and value (position on the light-dark grey axis; imagine a document of many colors rendered in black-and-white. At present the "value" of the blue unread icon is very slightly greater than the value of the "already read" icon.) This is my impression from finally, last night, being able to perceive that there was indeed a tiny difference between the two icons that I hadn't detected before, and therefore thought both icons were sinply useless decoration.

The Forum of the online medicat transcription school I teach a bit on, MT Advantage Career Center uses the same hue of blue icons for both, however the two icons differ widely in value, and are easily perceived as different because their values are so far apart. I believe this presentation manner would be suitable for all viewers, even those with color vision handicaps. Another of the Forums on which I teach, The Professional Practice Network under the aegis of the AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, formerly know as AAMT, American Association for Medical Transcriptionists,) distinguishes the two icons only by hue (unread is green, read is blue), but the two icons have same, indistinguishable, value. I have good color vision and can easily see the difference. But the same hue for all icons can make them indistinguishable even for folks with GOOD color vision when a screen image is copy-and-pasted, and printed out using a black-and-white printer. For that reason, it is more important that icon alternatives differ in hue than that they differ in color, considering all potential screen users and possible downstream uses to which the screen image it put, teaching being one example. Thanks for your patience, Stefan!

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Hi again and thanks for your feedback!

Suggestion to Stefan: The two icons, for "has been read" and "unread as yet" are presently, for elder eyes anyway, too hard to distinguish. Ideally, the visual difference between the two icons should be widened.

You're right! The problem is, we use this software "as is" "out-of-the-box".

I wish I was able to customize the forums to something better but I am not skilled enough to do this. Sorry about this but after all, I am a amateur when it comes to computers.

(And, Stefan, I apologize to you for having let you down on the prior task I promised to perform.)

That's ok. And if you find time later, you could still write a review.

(Due to "daylight savings time" with its autumnal "Fall back" of one hour, my time here is actually not 7:28 but 6:28)

Nmenonic for the time changes here is "Spring forward, Fall back."

You can change your DST settings in your own control panel. Click on SETTINGS in the top right corner, and then click GENERAL SETTINGS in the left-hand column. Scroll down and you can change your own to the correct DST setting.

Happy New Year from a frosty Stockholm!

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