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Nurse NRP response team


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We are trying to put together a nurse NRP response team to cover neonatal L&D emergencies until the neonatologist arrive at the scene.

My specific questions are:

1. Can you legally train nurses to be the immediately available person capable of performing a full neonatal resuscitation, including, PPV, intubation, chest compression, and UVC epi/volume administration?

2. What is your experience in the legal burden (for the nurse and the neonatologist) of this practice?

3. In small non-tertiary hospital, what is the usual required response time for the on-call neonatologist to attend L&D emergencies?

Thanks so much

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Guest kalamazoo

The nurse response team must be trained in performing the special procedures with documented clinical competencies of these skills annually. The neonatologist on staff must be willing to be responsible for the team and their skills and provide supervision. Our facility has dedicated transport nurses and respiratory therapists that attend high risk deliveries and transport infants into our nicu and have the ability to place umbilical lines, intubate,perform needle aspirations, and give resuscitation meds per nrp guidelines. The decisions about the proper placement of those lines and tubes is the responsibility of the practitioner or neo that will be viewing the xrays. If the nurse has difficulty placing these lines or tubes there must be a physician or nurse practitioner available to perform these procedures. The nicu administration must decide what advanced skills they wish to allow a core group of nurses to be able to perform.

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First you need to check the scope of practice for an RN, and what a Dr can delegate to an RN. I as and NRP instructor can run a code. and my hospital sent me to a course to learn the uvc placement, intaubation, I was even checked off on intubations by my DR. but have never done one since. Do you nit have physican in house, or anesthia person either Dr, or CRNA. you can have your hospital attone

y check in to the legal implications. but the standard is if you deliver baby's to have some one 24 hours a day 7 days a week that can do all that stuff.

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