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  • Meetup 12-15 June 2017

    Registration for the 99nicu Meetup is open!

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    See you in Stockholm!

  • Articles

    We would like to share the following survey about what you think is preferred probiotics for preterm infants. The survey is part of a Master Project for two students at the Copenhagen Business School.
    We are two Master students from Copenhagen Business School about to finalize our Master Project. Together with the non-profit organization Neobiomics, we are investigating what would be an optimal probiotics product for preterm infants. 
    Why do we need your help?
    We desire to develop a probiotic product for preterm infants that are customized with preferred features of your input. Your expertise is therefore very essential to our project. This project is only usable if it includes a large number of responders.
    We want to accommodate your preferences and therefore we ask you to complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire can only be answer by pediatric or neonatal doctors.
    Please click on the following link to get access to the survey: http://www.questionpro.com/t/AMzdSZYVzk
    We would like to promote two very interesting meetings, the jENS meeting and a conference on transports.
    Just follow the links below.
    Both meetings are organized by the MCA, a highly professional and much experienced conference organizer.
    Stefan Johansson
    From today it is possible to register for the 99nicu Meetup 12-15 June in Stockholm, Sweden.
    The exciting program includes lectures and workshops by neonatal staff with real expertise.
    Topics include preventing infections, hypothermia, delivery room management, PDA controversies, ventilation, infant feeding, social media, and family-centered neonatal care. 
    Further, you will meet people IRL you may have only met on this URL  
    Although our sole channel for marketing the Meetup is 99nicu.org, everyone is welcome, also those who are not (yet) members. That said, please share the program to your colleagues and within your networks.
    Click here to download the program and extended information about everything.
    Click here to register!
    And... don't wait to long as the number of delegates is restricted to 250.
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    Those emails is a way to further improve our communication and facilitate your participation in ongoing discussions etc.
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