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Greetings from the 99nicu HQs

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    Stefan Johansson
    I got an email from a former research colleague now working for WHO. She works with ENAP (Every newborn action plan), and they are developing criteria or "signal functions" for hospitals/birth units managing deliveries and newborns.
    She shared this short survey where practitioners around the world are invited to share their views on how standard of care should be available at different levels of care. 
    Here's link, please participate: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D9HZVT5 
    Many of you may already have come across the "Practical Ultrasound for the Neonatologist" software.
    Professor Nick Evans at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia, just reminded us the good news that these education programs, one on echocardiography and one on brain ultrasound, is no longer distributed on CD-roms, but is available as digital downloads. Prices are only 25 AUD (about 17 euro) each.
    The programs are currently only available for Windows.
    The direct link to the on-line shop is https://practical-neonatal-ultrasound.selz.com/ 
    All profits go to support teaching and research in neonatal haemodynamics. The link to the department is http://www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/rpa/neonatal/default.html
    Stefan Johansson
    Although 99nicu.org has a great mobile interface, we lack a dedicated smartphone app.
    I had a very good discussion with a few colleagues recently that were using Whatsup for chat communication with other neonatologists, and they suggested 99nicu should also start an alternative channel for more simple smartphone communication.
    As we want to make room for quite a number of people, we have choosen Slack.com as the technical platform for this extension of the 99nicu community. While keeping the simplicity of chatlike smartphone use, it is still possible to organise discussions into "channels" and "threads"
    What shall we use Slack for? It is all up to us but as there is push notifications directly to the smartphone, I believe we use Slack for patient discussions, when we need prompt advice.
    To join the 99nicu Slack Channel, you first need to download the Slack app to your mobile. Then we just need to invite you one by one
    So, if you want to join, message me or @Francesco Cardona , or simply email info@99nicu.org
    The team address is 99nicu.slack.com