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    One of our fellows showed me these two videos on Youtube, on how to learn brain ultrasound. Both videos are very good! Enjoy Part 1 - anatomy and protocol Part 2 - IVH and PVL
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    Hi Francesco, Thanks for the information. What a pity. Maybe the measurements are similar but than the blade is too long. For a skilled person it will be possible doing the intubation but this is not the classic procedure (different angel etc). This means (IMHO ) that the C-Mac can not be used for teaching intubation in infants below about 1200g. Have a nice weekend Dirk
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    The "Future of Neonatal Care", our upcoming meeting in Vienna 9-12 April 2018, is now only three months away. This weekend is the last chance for you to sign up for the discounted Early Bird Rate. Click here to register This meeting is an IRL event for bringing the neonatal community together, for staff sharing a passion to provide the best neonatal care. While our vision is to promote evidence-based neonatal care, and acknowledge the limitations thereof, we focus on the learning experience by creating a friendly and interactive context. The conference will span over a wide range of topics, for example the Golden Hour, LISA, hypoglycemia, NICU design, follow-up of preterm infants, hypothermia, functional echo, lung ultrasound, and palliative care. There will also be workshops on LISA, PICC line placement, family-based care and simulation. See You in Vienna!
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    I looken into Youtube and found only videos of LMA placement, this one from the UK-based initiative IMPROVE and @spartacus007
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    I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all members and web site visitors! Thanks for all posts and comments, and all direct communication through messages and emails during 2017. It was also such a great pleasure to meet some of you at the 99nicu Meetup, in Stockholm, last June. For 2018, I hope that 99nicu will become an even more busy community. Most importantly, we have a new chance to meet up at the conference in April in Vienna. Join the "Future of Neonatal Care" 9-12 April in Vienna Best Holiday Wishes from the Headquarters!
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    Hello.The use of montelukast for BPD is a great idea but,the main concern is the short and long-term side effects of this drug in neonates. Do you have any experience with this?
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    we will look forward to coming to innovative advance neonatal care
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    Not necessary until we suspect some cause to polyhydramnios like TEF, duodenal or jejunal atresia
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    This is quiz based on the 2016 Update of the "European Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Respiratory Distress Syndrome", published in the journal Neonatology in earlier this year. This consensus documents discusses the evidence for RDS management, and gives graded recommendations for various interventions and management strategies. The document is available in full text here: https://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/448985 Read the paper and then take the quiz but... please note that you must log in to take this quiz (and all future quizzes). DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee that the "correct answer" in a quizz is 100% correct. Never base you clinical decision on a quiz!
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    BTW and slightly OT - a study on the usefulness of video-laryngoscopy: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/136/5/912
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