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    Thanks @Andrej Vitushka for posting about this every-day NICU question! In Stockholm, I think we are mostly following the table 30.1 from Avery (in the first post), i.e. a rather high fluid intake in the smallest infants, typically ~100/110 ml/kg/d in the most immature infants and going down to 60 in term infants. @Nathan Sundgren - with regard to what to give: we tend to start with parenteral nutrition right away, in infants that we judge will not take much enterally: in practise all infants <1500g. As already pointed out - it is always a question about fluids from medications, boluses, low-flow infusions keeping catheters open etc. The principle is easy (count everything that is not fluid therapy due to hypovolemia) but in practise there is variation. My experience from infants above the extremely preterm range (i.e. ≥28 weeks) is that it is hard to know what is the right thing. Even with slightly different fluid regimes, they mostly seem to do good in terms of water balance.
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