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    I would like to hear about how you diagnose and manage pneumatosis intestinalis. the background - we sometimes comes across infants (mostly preterms) with some GI symtoms, like blood in stools, but without clinical signs and no lab signs towards NEC. But the xray shows some intramural gas. we usually start conservative NEC TX (fasting, antibiotics, TPN) but stop it after a few days of normal blood tests and if xray normalize. there are some Pubmed reports on this seemingly more benign phenomen but would be great to hear how you handle this.
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    We have had the same issue a couple of times. I think the clinical condition of these babies are much better. Despite this, we felt we could not ignore intestinal pneumatosis, but after a few days we started to carefully feed them after seeing IP resolution on USS, besides good clinical condition and negative infection markers. I found this very old article (1974!) and made me think about “CPAP belly”/ distension...
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    Hi all, we have published the fifth edition of our e-book “NEOQUESTIONS 1to1” . Please feel free to distribute among your other colleagues to help them gain the knowledge of neonatology. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/92a170_54197b618fb34a39a7702b7679a085ec.pdf With Best Regards NAVEED
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