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    We are moving into the teenage era, when 99nicu becomes 13 years on May 11 ! The most sincere thanks to everyone involved, not the least all of you adding questions and comments in the forums, sharing experiences and expertise. Without you, there would be no community. When 99nicu.org started in 2006, our mission was to create an independent platform where neonatal staff from all over the world could interact and help each other. We wanted to democratize know-how, for the Greater Good. Although there is still much potential what an active online community can become, I also believe we have achieved something great. And as already said, we would not have achieved anything without you. Want to see the very first post made? Find it below, in the Lounge (members-only area)
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    I am grateful for the term orthothanasia as I'm writing a paper for a journal and have been unable to find terms better than 'comfort care' and 'palliative care'. This is perfect.
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    I must say the meetup conference 2019, was outstanding. Is there a chance that the video recording from 2018 meeting will be also available on you tube ? Talat
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    Neonatalappen from Karolinska University Hospital is a smartphone app for parents. It is in Swedish (naturally), but even for non-Swedish NICU staff I think it can serve as a "role model" for other similar projects. Looks great and works well
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