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    Good evening all, in our centre in UMTH-Maiduguri, Nigeria SCBU, whether term baby or Preterm baby, we start with taste feed commemcing it at 20ml/kg body weight per day divided every 3 hrly feed and advance at the same rate if the child tolerate. The taste feed actually given to the preterm is to prime the gut. These depend pretty much on the gestation of the preterm, until the 4th-5th day/when there no residue after each feed. Dr Simon Pius Neonatologist University of Maiduguri Borno State, North-eastern Nigeria . simonpius2000@yahoo.co.uk, simonp@unimaid.edu.ng
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    In our hospital, for asymptomatic babies we start antibiotics only if 3 or more risk factors are present especially in preterm babies and if septic screen at birth or 24 hrs is positive. We did not find any increase in the mortality for good weight babies. For low birth weight babies we usually monitor for 72 to 96hrs if not starting antibiotics. Sent from my GM1901 using Tapatalk
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    Thank you so much, that’s really a so precious piece of information
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    Nice suggestion! Especially if you have a appropriate ultrasound machine and relevant knowledge to use it by yourself or possibility to invite specialist to do it. Definitely bedside echo must be a standard. Must be, but not now yet universally (unfortunately). So sometimes also clinical criteria help as central cyanosis, refractory arterial hypoxemia and pre/postductal SpO2 difference more than 20%. Also "quite healthy" looking non-edematous lungs together with persisting hypoxemia, low SpO2 (heart defects should be prenatally excluded). But all these are not reliable. So May the Echo be with You! :).
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    A article that most struck lately: This article by Dr. G.Moore et al researchers at the University of Ottawa, accessible #FOAM, give a good thoughtful analysis to whether chest compression & epinephrine cause more harm than good to V.preterm infants using 'principals' as an ethical framework aka the Spanish /French say does 'Encarnecimiento Terapeutico' a concept complex. As I understand, away to explain it what happens when you go beyond overtreatment? When continuing treatment is medically futile, but you keep going it starts to cause more harm than it yields benefits. Here the author explain with explain with examples why chest compression and justified in cases of need - concludes with a maybe.
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    My observation : there are problems in electronic weight measurements.
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    Echo! Come to the #99nicuMeetup, Yogen Singh from Cambridge/UK will lecture about PPHN (and run a workshop on echocardiography for neonatologists) https://99nicu.org/meetup
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