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    The data is fairly clear that routine checking of gastric residuals is neither sensitive nor specific for serious pathology (aside from possibly enteric tube placement). The practice is associated prolonged time to full enteral feeds which itself is associated with a number of downstream consequences (increased central line days, extrauterine growth failure, LOS, etc.). While the Cochrane reviews indicate these secondary effects are uncertain, the preponderance of evidence favors either no difference or favors not checking.
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    I can only speak for the Stockholm Region - healthy parents stay with us as usual (i.e. our family-based strategy is not changed practically), but we do not allow other visitors at all right now. If an infant is born to a Covid+ mother and there is a need of neonatal care, we admit the infant directly (i.e. separate directly). We regard the infant as healthy BUT room-in in a single room with the other parent if healthy, and otherwise with a healthy person assigned by the parents (like a relative or friend).
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