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  1. Former 27 weeker, 895 gram male (now 1700+ and 36 and 6/7). STAT C-section for abruption, Apgars 1/3/5. Suspected antepartum anoxia/hypoxemia based on blood gases. Developed renal failure, elevated transaminases, etc. Very difficult respiratory mgmt, at 2 months of life, still on 5LPM HFNC and 50% FiO2 which is far outside the norm for us. This weekend, increased frequency and severity of apnea prompted a septic workup, including viral respiratory panel by RT-PCR. Negative for all the common resp viruses (including RSV, metapneumo, and flu), negative blood culture (now day 3), but
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  3. Most I have worked with, including myself, will begin TPN as soon as possible in VLBW and ELBW babies, even with babies that have evidence of metabolic acidosis. In the larger babies, we are more likely to start a "clear" solution of trophamine, dextrose and calcium, or even just a straight dextrose solution - initially. To control blood glucose levels, mostly we can get by with just adjusting the IV rate until we can order a new bag of TPN (once daily). If adjusting the rate is not working (or we have reached a rate we are not comfortable with), we will "Y-in" an appropriate dext
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