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  1. Today on #WorldPrematurityDay2020, we share a special thought to all infants/children born prematurely and their families. Naturally, we would also like to tribute NICU staff globally working so hard to help infants and families afflicted by preterm birth. Every year, ~15M infants are born prematurely. Most survive to healthy lives but preterm birth is also the leading cause of death in children <5y.
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  2. You can now beta-test the 99nicu smartphone app 99nicu.org is based on a software package from Invision Community, and they are now offering "app"-functionality that we can now beta-test. The app is focusing on the discussion forums, the core feature of a web community. The current version of the app is a 'multi-community' app; i.e. a directory of communities using this software. This means that you install an app called "Communities By Invision" and within that app marks 99nicu as your favourite/starting page. Later, probably during 2021, it will be possible for us to get a "
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