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  1. And... Does the RAM Cannula Provide Continuous Positive Airway Pressure as Effectively as the Hudson Prongs in Preterm Neonates? Neetu Singh et al AM Journal Perinatol Compared with the standard nasal interface for CPAP, the RAM cannula is made of softer material with a thin prong wall resulting in a larger caliber and less nasal trauma. However, there is increasing concern that the RAM cannula interface delivers suboptimal pressure compared with the standard nasal prongs, and the high expiratory resistance of the system increases expiratory workload and risk for hypercapnia
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  2. Continuous positive airway pressure and high flow nasal cannula: the search for effectiveness continues Hany Aly1 and Mohamed A. Mohamed2 Pediatric Research (2020) 87:11–12; https://doi.org/10.1038/s41390-019-0626-y ...Since nasal cannula is convenient to use by caregivers and comfortable for infants when attached to their nose, a newer version (RAM cannula, Neotech, Valencia, CA) that has a back hub to attach to the ventilator has been designed with the hope to deliver CPAP to the infant. However, this type of interface does not allow laminar gas flow since both inspirato
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  3. My unit has just started prophylactic low dose hydrocortisone for all infants < 28 weeks with aim to improve survival without BPD and neurodevelopmental impairment. What is the general opinion and practice elsewhere?
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  4. We have done the supplementation with 3 % Nacl , and works well . WE mix n EBM and give. Perceiving that this would not taste good we prefer to give 4 hrly instead of 6 hrly . Would be interested to know , what s the avg time experience for the correction . (Usually it takes between 1 to 3 weeks ,,,,,is t the same for others ) Also, what is the wait time period on which the dose is increased ( 1 day or upto 72 hrs)
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