99nicu is an independent and international Internet community for neonatal staff, providing a platform for sharing expertise and experience regardless of geographical boundaries and time zones. A membership, free of charge, is required for full community access.  Register here!

The “Future of Neonatal Care – advancing the management of newborns” is an IRL event for bringing the neonatal community together, for staff sharing a passion to provide the best neonatal care. Although we share information about the meeting through to members of 99nicu, everyone is welcome to join the Meetup!

While our vision is to promote evidence-based neonatal care, and acknowledge the limitations thereof, we focus on the learning experience by creating a friendly and interactive context.

You find the program folder here and you register here!

Welcome to Vienna!


Stefan Johansson, Sweden

Stefan Johansson is a Consultant Neonatologist and Associate Professor based in Stockholm, Sweden, and holds a PhD in epidemiology and biostatistics at Karolinska Institutet. In addition to be a social entrepreneur, being founder of 99nicu.org and ebneo.org, he has vast knowledge in research design and works in several large-scale projects. With his methodological expertise, Stefan Johansson has published on a large variety of research topics, including very preterm birth, maternal obesity, patent ductus arteriosus, neonatal jaundice, Down syndrome and birth asphyxia. Finally, he initiated and operates as CEO for the startup Neobiomics that will provide a dedicated probiotics product for preterm infants, in a not-for-profit self-propelling business.

Francesco Cardona, Austria

Francesco Cardona is a Consultant Neonatologist at the Medical University Vienna, Austria. He has a Masters Degree in Epidemiology. His previous research was at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology conducting interventional studies. His research interests are in the Austrian birth registry and kidney failure in neonates. Furthermore he is involved in educational and simulation training of the neonatal staff at his hospital and throughout Austria. Francesco Cardona joined 99nicu.org in 2010 as a member and soon got involved as community administrator.