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First five confirmed speaker at the Copenhagen Meetup!

We just want to share some brief news about our next Meetup, 7-10 April 2019 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen/Denmark.

We are currently working on the program lectures and workshops and here’s the list of the first five confirmed speakers and their topics:

  • Morten Breindahl: Neonatal transports – how to do them safe and easy
  • Ola Andersson: Cord Clamping, 1.0 and 2.0
  • Ravi Patel: How to explain when NEC rates persist – even when a NICU does everything “Right”
  • Ulrika Ådén: Infants surviving at the limit of viability, what are the outcomes? What shall we do?
  • Gorm Greisen: Ethical decision making around the limit of viability- lessons from Scandinavia

We’ll update you all with more names and topics as they are confirmed :)

Looking forward to meet up in Copenhagen!

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