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Partnership opportunities

Join us for the “Future of Neonatal Care – advancing the management of newborns”, 9-12 April 2018, in Vienna, Austria!

We are expecting 200 delegates to the 2nd 99nicu Meetup, for an exciting program of lectures and workshops by neonatal staff with real expertise. Further, the meeting will be recorded for web-casting

The program offers a wide range of topics with high clinical relevance, by well-regarded neonatologists and researchers.

We offer Partnerships with companies and organisations with a variety of opportunities, for example exhibition space, distribution of material, and endorsed workshops.

Click here to download the Partnership Folder.

Email for more information.

6 comments Partnership opportunities

    1. It would be great to have the agenda
      Since it is a long travel from México.
      And see who is presenting.



  1. Dr Stephan, i am young neonatologist from University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital Maiduguri, Nigeria. I want attend this meeting but my institution will not sponsor/support me.
    Dr Simon Pius MBBS, FMCPaed (Nig)

    1. We are unable to give travel grants, as is a network without funds. I am sorry about that. In the future, if/when gets a viable financial model, I hope we can give travel awards to our IRL meetings though.

      What we offer this year is a reduced fee as shown on the registration page. But I guess that is not sufficient for you.

      Could you search for funding from NGO’s etc where you are working?

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