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Greetings from the 99nicu HQs

  • We went live 12-15 June 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Thanks to all delegates, speakers and partners for making the 99nicu Meetup to the great event it became!

    We are adding all video recordings of the meeting on this page.

    Also, check out the Photo Gallery below if you want to see some pictures :) 



  • Current Donation Goals

  • donate.pngIf you value the videos below as good learning experience, please consider to make a small donation through PayPal.

    Donations will be covering up our budget deficit for the meeting, of 5000 USD.

    Click here to make donation.

  • David Sweet lecturing about "Early Stabilisation Of The Preterm Infant At Risk Of RDS - European Consensus Guidelines 2016"

  • Rebeccah Slater lecturing on "Procedural Pain In Preterm Infants: What Is It And How We Care Improve Treatment?"

  • Amir Kuperman lecturing about "Developmental Hemostasis - Practical Aspects For The Neonatologist"

  • Kristine Karlsen lecturing about "21 years of S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Education: History and Module Overview"