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  • We went live 12-15 June 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Thanks to all delegates, speakers and partners for making the 99nicu Meetup to the great event it became!

    We have added all complete video recordings of the meeting on this page (unfortunately, we failed a few recordings...)

    Also, check out the Photo Gallery below if you want to see some pictures :) 



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  • David Sweet lecturing about "Early Stabilisation Of The Preterm Infant At Risk Of RDS - European Consensus Guidelines 2016"

  • Rebeccah Slater lecturing on "Procedural Pain In Preterm Infants: What Is It And How We Care Improve Treatment?"

  • Amir Kuperman lecturing about "Developmental Hemostasis - Practical Aspects For The Neonatologist"

  • Kristine Karlsen lecturing about "21 years of S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Education: History and Module Overview"

  • Hanna Soukka lecturing about "NAVA ventilation"

  • Janet Berrington lecturing about "Probiotics To Preterm Infants: Questions And Controversies"


  • Walter Mihatsch lecturing about "Osteopenia Of The Preterm Infant and Supplementation With Calcium, Phosphor"

  • Jennifer Zeitlin lecturing about "Differences In Perinatal Care And Newborn Outcomes In Europe"


  • Ali Serio lecturing about "How To Perform Neonatal Care In Aleppo"


  • Dirk Wackernagel lecturing about "How To Enterally Feed A Very Preterm Infant"


  • Andreas Ohlin lecturing about "Scrub The Hub"


  • Stina Klemming lecturing about "Parents In The NICU"


  • Karl Rombo lecturing about "Being A Parent In The NICU"


  • Michael Narvey lecturing about "Being Neonatologist In Social Media"


  • Samir Gupta lecturing about "PDA - Why Should We Treat It? How Should Samir Gupta We Treat It? When Should We Treat It? Or Should We Treat It At All?"


  • Jörg Schierholz lecturing about "Prevention Of Catheter Related Infections"


  • Ryan McAdams lecturing about "Dexmedetomidine- Reduce Shivering During Hypothermia"


  • Hesham Abdel-Hady lecturing about "HFNC - Current Evidence"


  • Ulrika Ådén lecturing about "Prediction Out Neurological Outcomes: What Neuroimaging Is A Wise Choice?"


  • Kajsa Bohlin lecturing about "Less Invasive Surfactant Administration - Is Less More?"


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