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Welcome to 99nicu, the web community for staff in neonatal medicine!

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Greetings from the 99nicu HQs

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  7. NEONATOLOGY TODAY - Strategic Partner

    <strong>NEONATOLOGY TODAY - Strategic Partner</strong>

    NEONATOLOGY TODAY is the only monthly newsletter that is available free to Qualified Board Certified (BC) Neonatologists and Perinatologists in the USA and Canada. 

    The mission of NEONATOLOGY TODAY is to provide timely news and information to BC Neonatologists and Perinatologists regarding the care of newborns and the diagnosis and treatment of premature and/or sick infants. 

    NEONATOLOGY TODAY is a monthly e-Publication published mid-month. To receive your free qualified subscription, simply send your email to: Be sure to include your name, title, organization and email address. The Publisher reserves the right to determine qualification. 

    If you are interested in submitting an article to NEONATOLOGY TODAY, please send an email to: Include your name, title of the proposed article and a 50 word description.