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  1. IVH

    Dear Drs, Are you aware of studies done by Christensen et al connecting IVH to blood products transfusion after birth, recommending giving PRBC if needed slowly. We are now giving for symptomatic anemia (hypotension+HTC<35%) after birth only 10cc\kg of PRBC over 3 hours (not evidence based practice)
  2. I an interested to know what diagnostic markers you are using in your daily work, to diagnose early/late onset infection in term/preterm infants: 1. Clinical signs 2. CBC and differentials 3. CRP 4. Clinical score (HR variability etc. ) 5. Acute phase reactant (ie; Procalcitonin, SAA etc) 6. Cytokines and\or chemokines (ie IL-6, IL-8, 10 etc 7. Leukocyte surface antigen (CD11b, CD64 etc) 8. Molecular techniques : PCRs or FISH to detect bacteria Is there any difference applying these markers in preterm or term infant? Or in early Vs. late infection? S Arnon