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  1. Barnveckan 2018

    Barnveckan 2018 i Västerås 23-26 april Aros congress center Inom neonatologi bl.a. inledningstalare och föreläsare Professor Lex Doyle, Australien samt Edward Shepherd, MD, USA BPD-specialist Ta en titt på det preliminära programmet på www.barnveckan.se och följ på Instagram: barnveckan2018
  2. Barnveckan 2018

    Barnveckan 2018 i Västerås Neonatologiprogram med bl.a. inledningstalare samt föreläsare Professor Lex Doyle, Australien samt Edward Shepherd, MD, USA om Ohio-modellen/BPD se det preliminära programmet på www.barnveckan.se och följ på instagram: barnveckan2018
  3. Learn Neonatal Brain Ultrasound on Youtube!

    Thank you!
  4. Oral Dextrose supplementation

    @Stefan Johansson Yes, now the Freestyle Pro.
  5. Oral Dextrose supplementation

    On the OT: The same here... To reduce pain we changed several years ago from heel lancing using a stationary meter to the mobile Freestyle Lite blood glucose meter. After that we had to deal with, and treat a lot more "hypoglycemias". After changing to another model of Freestyle we now see less hypoglycemias.
  6. Oral Dextrose supplementation

    @Stefan Johansson Not yet a protocol on it... Did I understand you correctly - you mean milk/formula given by nasogastric tube driven by a "food pump" 24h a day? Because that´s what we are doing :-) Usually when the baby is admitted we try starting with normal bolus feeding but if the baby´s having difficulties in tolerating the given amount we switch to food infusion Sometimes they don´t tolerate 150ml/kg, sometimes they tolerate 220ml/kg or more. We set it to continous infusion (over 24h) and increase it until glucose levels are under control.
  7. Oral Dextrose supplementation

    Stefan: We do that as well. We have no study on it but since roughly 2 years ago our need for intravenous infusion has dropped. After discussion with ALB hospital we learned that they are successful in preventing i.v. treatment when giving a supplement of oral Duocal (brand name - carbohydrates/fat) to breast milk.
  8. Table2: Do you interpret the results that the use of intravenous infusion and bolus was not affected by the gel-intervention (p>0,05) but when it comes to admittance to NICU for hypoglycemia there was a benefit (p 0,03)? Anyone who has more information on this?
  9. This is very interesting! Results of the study? Sorry, missed the link
  10. Irregular iris/pupil?

    Ectropion uvae according to the ophtalmologist. If you image-search the web for this I don´t think I find something that is spot on the appearance of my patients but I trust the opthalmologist...
  11. Survey on vitamin A and BPD prevention

    Survey closed...
  12. Premature fusion of anterior fontanelle

    No other symptoms? Otherwise I would say that closure varies a lot from 3 to 18 months. If head shape does'nt suggest premature synostosis I would declare it as normal. /Urban
  13. Irregular iris/pupil?

    I will, if a get a picture!
  14. Irregular iris/pupil?

    They dont see it at all which I think implies that it's a dynamic process (also making me look like a fool ;)). Once though when it was so pronounced in one baby that I thought vision might get impaired the ophtalmologist acknowledged it and would do a follow up. Even then I got no clear explanation of it. I think it could be a normal finding caused by some developmental remnant (as your article points toward)? Next time I find it, I will do a follow up myself after 2 weeks before I consult an ophtalmologist. Thank you
  15. Irregular iris/pupil?

    In the maternity ward I sometimes come across babies with irregular pupillary shapes. Not like coloboma but the other way around - small black circles outline the pupil. Whenever I refer these findings to the ophtalmologist they don´t see it so I have´nt got a name for it. Does any of you have the same experience? Do you know what it is?