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  1. Mild variants of bronchomalacia, even borderline hypocalcemia may produce such symptoms
  2. Want to know if plain Amphotericin B can be used in preterms without sonication
  3. 1.7kg neonate born to non consanguineous parents,one of the twins with antenatal diagnosis of intestinal obstruction was operated on day 2 of life.A jejunal web was found intraoperatively. Baby tolerated procedure well. Post-op baby was on antibiotics of piperacillin and Tazobactum, Amikacin and metrogyl.Baby was started on PICC line for Tpn.septic parameters were negative. Baby was started on feeds after 8 days and slowly escalated. After 3 wkd post op CRP became positive and blood culture grew coagulase negative Staph. Picc line removed Baby was started on Vancomycin . CRP though showed a downward trend in the first 5 days suddenly increased 4 fold.Again thorough evaluation was done for sepsis and started on fluconazole,Amikacin and Piptaz was restarted.Serial CRP monitoring showed downward trend for a week and again started going up and this time baby develops thrombocytopenia 63,000/mm3.Now clinically baby has pallor, active on full breast feeds and ashen grey hue to skin colour.Baby has been gaining wt slowly and though baby is a month old it has not regained birth weight and she is now 1.6kg on supplements . I would request you all for your opinions regarding further management.
  4. In extremely premature neonate s we do see these kind of burns with the same kind of soft foam wrapping probed
  5. Baby's renal functions are normal. Parathormone and Vit D levels are low normal.During the initial days baby had very bad subacute fat necrosis/sclerema which we are supposing to be the cause. Baby is sucking well at breast, fair activity levels with no hypertension now
  6. How is neonatal hypercalcemia >17 managed in a term LGA perinatal asphyxia child aged 25 days ?.Is Ethidronate routinely used after normal saline and frusemide infusions.Opinions on using sc calcitonin. Child is on full feeds.He had elevated blood pressures with LVH in 2nd week of life managed with frusemide infusions.
  7. I would be great full sameeranaveen @ gmail. com
  8. Usually larger babies are difficult to manage on CPAP with out sedation and smaller ones tolerate quite well with out sedation.We also debate multiple times on the nature of sedation to be given and some times we trick the babies with a oral pacifier and rarely we use Oral Pedichloryl
  9. I need charts which have both gestation and Weight criteria basically for preterms
  10. Can some one provide me the link for Cockington charts used as a guide for use of phototherapy in the management of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia published in journal of pediatrics 1979,95:282-285
  11. Thank u for the guidelines in term healthy babies.Kindly provide me the guidelines for preterms who stay in NICU for longer periods.Any experiences with stainless steel kindly share
  12. Kindly advise me what is the ideal material to be used for containers in which expressed breast milk can be stored in refrigerators.I am aware that glass is ideal but it is practically difficult. I am using stainless steel containers as of now.Is plastic any way superior to it.Kindly also suggest me the references. The reason for the question is problems of rusting with stainless steel material
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