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  1. Thank you very much for the 4 Links. Are you currently using probiotics for prevention of NEC in your NICU?
  2. Posted 07 December 2009 by enaid1 I would like information concerning the efficacy of probiotic (enterally) and its useage as prevention of NEC in the preterm infant. Currently in our Hi level II SCN, our neos currently write orders for 100mg Primadophalous to be added to formula or breast milk with every feeding or every other feeding. I'd like to hear any comments. I'm putting together an education piece for my SCN staff as their nurse educator. Thanks!
  3. My quick response to your question...an infant is classified as a neonate from birth until 4weeks of life. If a 3 day old infant would require resuscitation the NRP 3:1 ration would be appropriate. As an NRP instructor I also agree with Lama's "bottom line" comment.
  4. After researching the evidence, we adopted the practice of applying nothing to the cord. The area is cleaned as part of infant's bath using water alone or as with our older infants we use a baby wash type of soap. However, the area around the umbilicus is cleansed/prepped with Chlorhexidine (CHG) and excess wiped off with sterile saline wipe prior to the insertion of umbilical line catheter and nothing else after that. So far so good in our unit!
  5. Hi, As per our "Back to Sleep" policy, we begin this transition once the infant is taking all feedings by mouth! For some of our infants have already been cooled and in open cribs before being able to take all feedings po! If there is history of severe reflux an order is written to position infant prone after feedings.
  6. Should the common practice of "hand carry" of newborns to the warming table be changed perhaps to... the OB or delivering practitioner placing the newborn in an awaiting bassinette prepped with a sterile drape and then rolled over to the warming table? What are your thoughts? We are seriously looking into this as an accident just waiting to happen.
  7. If using the vapotherm system with an infant in an isolette, make sure that you have as much of the vapotherm tubing as possible coiled in the isolette. If too much of the tubing is left outside of the isolette, the cooler ambient temperature outside of the isolette helps to increase formation of condensation!
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