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  1. Hi I’d like to know your protocol to use Parenteral fluids ( volume) the first 3 day in preterms < 32 weeks and for Term infants we are employing 60-80 ml/k/day first day of solution of D10% with amino acids thanks Danielirra
  2. Thanks for your answers, we will update our protocols
  3. Hi all! We are updating our protocols on analgesia in preterm infants and we would like to know if in your services you use routine analgesia in ventilated preterm infants ,from the first days, and what is/are your preferences. thanks in advance 
  4. Dear all, I need your feedback regarding the importance of maternal hepatitis B results to administer HBIG as soon as possible (ie if the delay 48-72 hours could diminish the effectiveness in preventing HB) We have some problems during the weekend with our laboratory. thanks in advance Daniel
  5. Hi, do you use in your service Anti-D immunoglobulin prophylaxis in Rh negative female newborn and mother Rh positive ? I have not found bibliography. Thanks in advance Daniel
  6. in our service we don`t have pediatric cardiologist , so , we don`t perform routine cardiologic monitoring in preterm infants ( the nearest center with pediatric cardiology is 110 miles), i was looking for information about it but I did not find. should we transfer the babies to perform a consultation? thanks Daniel
  7. hi in our service we use AAP guidelines, in this case ,in term healthy infant - 4 days old ,without risk factor we start phototherapy at 18 mg/dl.
  8. hi In our service we are reviewing the indications for percutaneous venous catheter placement. Now, we are only using them for parenteral nutrition, but we are looking for information for use in case we need prolonged treatments (more than 4-5 days ,eg 10 days antibiotics). I would like to know your opinions and if you have guidelines in yours services, as well also literature about it. thanks in advance Daniel Argentina
  9. hi, I want to ask the group if you use the Silverman score to assess respiratory status in preterm and term infants. in our service we stop using it a few years ago. thanks Daniel Argentina
  10. what do you think ? In our unit ,We are beginning to use PICC ( but we do not have much experience yet ) and want to make a protocol to treat the infant of the diabetic mother. Do you use umbilical via (probably will not for long) or PICC (course if required). Thanks in advance
  11. sorry, perhaps "undeterminated" could be a borderline FTA-ABS test but as shown in the article this would happen in early syphilis. thanks
  12. thank you very much for information and reviews ,to complicate things even more, we received the first FTA negative (first pregnancy itwo years ago, VDRL + ) but now the result is "indeterminated " (?) . We request a new FTA. false positive VDRL ? thanks
  13. hi all It´s basic, but this always generates discussion in our service. the patient is 35 weeks pregnant, one single control, VDRL 1/16 FTA abs positive, our discussion is ,if we should consider it a previous serologic title or indicate benzathine penicillin. If the birth occurs before the month, the infant shoud be treated ? and to end , do you have experience in the use of benzathine penicillin en the neonate ? I hope your answers as soon as possible thanks in advance
  14. thanks , its a very practical and simple way to prepare it.
  15. Hi I would like to ask you about your practice in the preparation of a IV infusion in a preterm baby who need dextrose 12 % , do you prepare it with sterile water or use dextrose 10 % + dextrose 25 %- Is there any difference? sorry for my language thanks in advance
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