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  1. Hello, dear colleages! In case of severe asphyxia in term infant the main reason of pulmonary hemorrhage is pulmonary edema as a result of cardiac insufficiency due to myocardium ischemia, on my mind. Of course, we have to exclude congenital heart diseases, sepsis, etc. Our strategy is restriction of infusion, inotropic therapy (dopamine), lasix, dexamethasone (with uncertain efficiency), CMV with higher level of PEEP. We transfuse FFP only in case of development of DIC or severe hypocoagulation.
  2. Hello. We have a similar situation with absense of NO. So, we start with initial dose MgSO2 25% 200 mg/kg/hour with strong control of systemic blood pressure. After that we continue constant infusion 50 mg/kg/h. Criterias of effectiveness are improvement of oxigenation and datas from EchoCG (deminishing of pulmonary pressure and tricuspidal insufficiensy). Main possible problems are deminishing of systemic blood pressure due to vasodilatation (usually we correct it with bolus of normal saline 10 ml/kg/h) and sedation (but often such child is on ventilation so may be it is not so bad). We use o
  3. Hi, mr. Manojpotdar. Excuse me for severe delay with answer. I spent all summer far away from civilization. So, here it is. Please, don`t hesitate to ask me questions. Protocol of newborn`s managing during mechanical ventilation with pressure support (IMV + PSV). Patient-triggered ventilation with pressure support gain some advantantages over conventional ventilation. This regime may be used successfully for the most of patients. Indications: - weaning from mechanical ventilation* * actually now we use this regime in acute phase too in case of stable patient Contraindicati
  4. Hi! What type of ventilator are you use for this regime? We have the PSV protocol for Viasys VIP Bird. It may be different for other machine
  5. For me one of the ways for rapid rehabilitation after loosing baby is to meet with lapsed patients and their parents who have a good story in spite of severity of condition at birth and have been successfully treated in our department. It makes me stronger, allow me to maintain self-rating and to continue our work.
  6. In our unit we started to use oral sildenafil 0.5 mg/kg/6 h for PPHN about a year ago. First impression of sildenafil is that it is less effective than magnesium sulfate 50-200 mg/kg/h i.v, traditionally used for these cases. Of course, adittional analisis is required.
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