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  1. We have had good outcomes utilizing conventional ventilation A/C + Vg set at 3 -3.5 ml/kg originally with 8000 + now the Vn , peep starting at 7-8 , rate 50 , we have an early exit to High frequency JET ventilation ( Bunnell Jet Life Pulse USA) jet rate set at 240 bpm peep 8 or greater ,on time of o.o2. the jet allows for the use of optimal chest expansion (higher peeps) but lower MAP than required with Hfov , the Bunnell has only active inspiration , expiration is passive , the lower jet rate allows for I:E rations 1 to 12 , passive expiration allows the lower MAP and allows for optimal ventilation in non homogenic lung diseases We do not use HFOV. I believe one of our students presented an abstract on our experience and more lasts year at the meeting in England . We also utilize ino if required. We are not an Ecmo center. Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
  2. Has anyone know where I could find safety data if using Vg with HFOV and the VN 500 ventilator , there seems to some sites utilizing this style of HFOV but I am unable to find any prelim data on safety and clincal use.
  3. I would like for others to comment on this question. For infants older than lets say 3 days old if they are to arrest in the nicu which sequence for cpr would be most approriate. The nrp 3:1 ratio or pals 15:2 (2 person)? When does nrp guidlines stop and pals begin? For our most complicated babies who may be in nicu for months this can be an issue. It is also an issue for training of staff who work in this area and it can be very confussing for those staff who work wards/picu and nicu? Please comment.
  4. Please the leoni plus is a new ventilator to north america , I have be told that it is very simular to the Babylog even has a vg type mode. would anyone like to share their experiences with this ventilator. In my nicu we use vg option always so the leoni plus vz mode would be it's counter point. Thank you:
  5. I would like to add to the question about differnt types of Oscillators used clinically, My qusetion is on the Babylog HFOV mode , this mode also has a fixed I:E ratio of about 1 : 1.2 ( I believe), I :E ratios in old papers of 1:1 showed concerning out comes ( airleaks , IVH) is any one concerned who uses these ocillators have any concerns about the I:E ratio , and is there any positive papers out there on any HFO device other than the Sensormedics( 1:2 ratio)?
  6. We have found with our experience with babies who require some what lenghtly ncpap coarse, that rotating between the nprongs and the nasal masks really helps( q4-8 hrs). We often see babies go weeks with little minimal problems with this application of the therapy.
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