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  1. This would depend on the baseline risk of maternal hepatitis B-infections. We do not give HB-Ig and/or HB-vaccines in this situation. But, we have a good understanding of whom needs HB-Ig/vaccines. The maternity health care checks serologies and practically all pregnant women in Sweden visit such maternity health centers.
  2. until
    The so-called Dresden Symposium is held online this year. Free of charge! Check out the PDF for more info. Programm-12.-Symposium-on-DR-Management-2021.pdf
  3. From prof Takeshi Arimitsu, invited speaker at our previously planned Meetup in April 2020 (but cancelled due to Covid), I got an email about an interesting case report from their large neonatal center in Tokyo. They have published about a 268 gram 24-weeker with intact survival. I share the last sentences of the summary below. The publication is available open-access and in full-text here: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fped.2020.628362/full Looking fw to follow the discussion about this extraordinary case.
  4. Related publ out today: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2775945
  5. @HickOnACrick thanks for sharing - have you considered to publish this experience? In Sweden (Uppsala, neighbouring city to Stockholm), there was an ex-preterm infant that came back to the ER a few weeks after discharge and ended up on the vent. Being Covid+. I don't know anything from first-hand sources, but read about this spring in the national newspaper https://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/sa-raddades-bebisen-i-uppsala-sveriges-yngsta-covid-patient/, maybe a Google translate would make the long article there possible to read in Google-English
  6. Thanks @Darwin Ranada Do you a webinar series, with an educational perspective?
  7. @LIA GRAVARI Thanks for suggestion about an online Journal Club. Would you think this should be best done on Zoom (or similar)? @Emilio Escobar Thanks for your feedback! Do you think we could do something to support your daily practise even more?
  8. Time really flies, and it now 15 years ago since we started to plan for the 99nicu forums, opening in May 2006. In many ways, this project has been a key part throughout my own neonatology carrier. I have learnt so much about the diversity of how to practise neonatology, and I have also learned to know many people around the world. I had not get to know you without this virtual platform. But with time comes age and I have started to think about how to future-proof the operation and development of 99nicu. I, @Francesco Cardona and @Vicky Payne have started to think about where to go
  9. Greetings from Stockholm! This systematic review may shed some light https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27109092/ or at least get you confused on a higher level We are rather liberal with both and with a pragmatic approach: surfactant if oxygenation is challenging (while hoping for no big air leaks), and antibiotics if inflammatory parameters get high and we feel uncertain whether it is pure inflammation or also caused by infection.
  10. Hi there! I believe we use the same monitors, is it OK if I fw the questions to our Philips contact in Stockholm?
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