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  1. pulseoximeter

    1. I remember that BMJ had a Christmas Appeal (for donations) about this device: http://www.lifebox.org/what-we-do/pulse-oximetry/ 2. I pass on this question... I read here http://www.lifebox.org/purchase-oximeter/ that the probe is from 3 months... but I suggest you email and ask specifically about neonatal use
  2. Nitric Oxide in CDH

    @spartacus007 the epoprostenol dose (in this paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3342750/) is: We have used the intermittent dose of 50 ng/kg (typically in term born infants on CPAP, with PPHN, and FiO2 ~0.9-1.0)
  3. Feeding stable infant with right-sided CDH

    @yalsaba @tarek very good point!
  4. Nitric Oxide in CDH

    @spartacus007 do you have reason to believe that there is a more severely growth restricted lung? Maybe a trial of inhaled epoprostenol? We use it infrequently (as we do not have NO in our level-2 unit) and sometimes with (surprisingly) good effect. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22558521
  5. Feeding stable infant with right-sided CDH

    If you are close to the surgical unit (like same building), I would not necessarily do it. Especially if you know only the liver is in the thorax. If you need to go on the road (transportation), I would prefer intubation and mech vent regardless, to secure the airway, just in case. Probably they will operate soon after arrival anyway, so time on ventilator is not so much a critical factor.
  6. Feeding stable infant with right-sided CDH

    Interesting case - I'd guess that "our" surgeons would opt for early repair also for a 34-weeker. What is the birth weight? We'd do the same as in @Hamed's unit, i.e. put on mechanical ventilation (until surgery is done) and feed post-surgically. @Andrej Vitushka hope this helps and that you did not unexpected suggestions Please share feedback how things develop
  7. Surfactant administered as an oropharyngeal squirt?! With video :)

    @amirmasoud2012 well... not all photos/videos says more than 1000 words
  8. @tarek Excellent slidedeck from Cochrane! (Ping @Francesco Cardona)
  9. IVH

    @harnon are you referring to this paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21166684
  10. With the current lack of magic bullets to treat BPD, some affected infants get a long list of pharmaceuticals... A new acquaintance for me is montelukast. A Pubmed-search did not convince me much, I found only two clinical studies: one positive and one negative. Also found an experimental study from 2016, suggesting that the idea of leukotrien-inhibition may be plausible though. Do you use it for BPD-treatment (manifest BPD)?
  11. Our every-day job is to meet parents and their preterm infants. We have our professionalism, skills and family-centered care strategies. But how do we understand the large gap those families need to bridge, and how parenthood evolves when a child arrives too early? For myself, music has always been important (even essential!) in my own reflections about wider scopes. When it comes to parenthood, I can strongly recommend the record Mother Tongue by Rebekka Karijord, a Norwegian composer and singer. Mother Tongue is a beautifully strong and moving record about parenthood complicated by a preterm delivery, about experiencing a cesarean section far too early ("...this is a riot of blood and steel/bending me open, violently..."), and how a tiny infant still could "weigh more than...the universe, to me". The lyrics, as I interpret, is also about parenthood in a deeper sense. The music itself is so delicate and precise, and yet powerful at the same time. This is a record we should listen to. Get it on CD. Or on vinyl if you still play such records, like I do . And bring it to your next staff meeting. And of course, Mother Tongue is also available on Spotify.
  12. IVH

    @Hamed Thanks for sharing valuable info. however, on head positioning, have you seen recent Cochrane review?
  13. Video Assisted Intubation using a C-Mac

    BTW and slightly OT - a study on the usefulness of video-laryngoscopy: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/136/5/912
  14. Video Assisted Intubation using a C-Mac

    I am not sure, but think that the C-Mac system has Miller0-blades but not smaller. But the Accutronic system goes down to Miller 00: https://www.acutronic-medical.ch/products/infantview.html Again not sure, but I think that one of the Karolinska NICUs (Huddinge) has an Accutronic system @wackdi am I right?
  15. I got this on my radar, through the Twitter feed from @EBNEO - whether surfactant could be administered as easy as an oropharyngeal squirt? Have look in the latest issue of @Acta Paediatrica here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/apa.14060/full´ And, here's a video demo posted by the article authors: