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  1. 2nd Neonatal Neurology Conference, UK

    2ND NEONATAL NEUROLOGY CONFERENCE Neonatal neurology is ever evolving and new knowledge is always emerging. Assessment techniques have become more advanced. Newer imaging modalities are increasingly used to help map the extent of brain injury and its implications for neurodevelopment. This meeting lines up exciting talks from experts in the field. More info on: https://www.lutonneocon.co.uk/fom-neurology
  2. Future of Neonatal Care, Vienna, Austria


    Me too
  3. Early Bird Weekend :)

    The "Future of Neonatal Care", our upcoming meeting in Vienna 9-12 April 2018, is now only three months away. This weekend is the last chance for you to sign up for the discounted Early Bird Rate. Click here to register This meeting is an IRL event for bringing the neonatal community together, for staff sharing a passion to provide the best neonatal care. While our vision is to promote evidence-based neonatal care, and acknowledge the limitations thereof, we focus on the learning experience by creating a friendly and interactive context. The conference will span over a wide range of topics, for example the Golden Hour, LISA, hypoglycemia, NICU design, follow-up of preterm infants, hypothermia, functional echo, lung ultrasound, and palliative care. There will also be workshops on LISA, PICC line placement, family-based care and simulation. See You in Vienna!
  4. This is part 2 in a Neonatal Brain Ultrasound tutorial on Youtube.! Also check out the first video below on Anatomy and Protocol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJq8eXf41nI
  5. Learn Neonatal Brain Ultrasound on Youtube!

    One of our fellows showed me these two videos on Youtube, on how to learn brain ultrasound. Both videos are very good! Enjoy Part 1 - anatomy and protocol Part 2 - IVH and PVL
  6. Neonatal Brain Ultrasound is an indispensible tool for evaluating preterm and term neonates for intracranial pathology. It is readily available, portable, relatively inexpensive and safe. This video is a great learning tool! Also check out the second video below on IVH and PVL on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiRt8UiXRag
  7. Can’t intubate to give surfactant? Maybe try this!

    I looken into Youtube and found only videos of LMA placement, this one from the UK-based initiative IMPROVE and @spartacus007
  8. As 2017 comes to an end, I'd like to post an update on the probiotics project. You may have read previous blog posts about Neobiomics (here and here), a not-for-profit project that will provide probiotics specifically manufactured for preterm infants, “from the community, to the community”. Launch is planned for Q1 2019. The probiotics will fulfill specific needs: three bacterial strains documented in a large clinical trial (i.e. the ProPrems trial) manufactured according to GMP, fulfilling the highest possible quality grade (21 CFR Part 106, “Infant Formula grade”) freeze-dried bacterias with superior stability and long shelf-life single dose units (aluminium foil stickpack) to virtually eradicate the risk of contamination If you would be interested to use this probiotics product in your NICU, visit this page and submit the form to ensure yourself to learn when this product will become available. That's all for now about this exciting project
  9. An Old Drug Finds A New Home In The Treatment of BPD.

    Short version - not much experience at all. We have tested it in some selected infants with severe BPD (longterm CPAP) - no control group...
  10. Happy Holidays!

    I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all members and web site visitors! Thanks for all posts and comments, and all direct communication through messages and emails during 2017. It was also such a great pleasure to meet some of you at the 99nicu Meetup, in Stockholm, last June. For 2018, I hope that 99nicu will become an even more busy community. Most importantly, we have a new chance to meet up at the conference in April in Vienna. Join the "Future of Neonatal Care" 9-12 April in Vienna Best Holiday Wishes from the Headquarters!
  11. Quizzes FTW!

    The 99nicu community is much about engagement, how we can learn from interacting with each other, sharing experience and expertise. Along those lines, we have started launched a Quizzes section. To date, there are only two quizzes online, one about neonatal encephalopathy and one about RDS management. The idea is that we post quizzes based on a specific document, like an original research paper, a meta-analysis, or a review article. The purpose is to make us all read, and learn from what we read. Doing a quizz is also a very learning experience, and therefore we invite all members to help us prepare quizzes. All you need to do is to email us on info@99nicu.org with a suggestion and we then guide you how to do a quiz
  12. An Old Drug Finds A New Home In The Treatment of BPD.

    Interesting post! Some colleagues tend to use it for more severe BPD-patients (although on CPAP etc), but I just have not felt convinced myself, which was why I posted this topic some time ago. Will read up on the reference you gave (but I tend to agree that there could a whole lot of observer bias there...) PS. BTW, I fixed the images, I copied & pasted the image URLs from allthingsneonatal. com
  13. Polyhydramnios

    I agree witg @LokrajShah. We would not do x-ray routinely either.