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  1. Hi Flavio, sorry no other had given their input yet, but here's mine: per our feeding guideline, feeds are advanced w 20-40 ml/kg/d, and of course tailored per tolerance and infant. The more immature and IUGR, we are def in the lower range or even below it, at least the first few days. So, practically speaking, we are more careful with IUGR infants, but how it is actually done depends on both baby and team
  2. We posted a short survey on Twitter about dosing of caffeine. Do you use caffeine (citrate) at a maintance dose of ≥20 mg/kg/day? Do you follow serum levels of caffeine? Take the survey on Twitter and/or share your practises here!
  3. Hi Flavio! I would generally not, but work work with ventilator pressures such as PEEP/CDP to achieve FRC. But I think others may do, let’s hope more people join the discussion.
  4. @Vijaykumar Do you mean that caffeine can lead to leucocytosis? If yes, I was not aware of it Could this be a neonatal leukemoid reaction? I am aware this is a "ruling out" diagnosis, but if all testing turns out negative, it would be a likely diagnosis.
  5. I can only speak for Sweden, and to my knowledge, there is no trials ongoing here. In a recent journal club by the Incubator podcast, I heard about this study: https://fn.bmj.com/content/early/2021/06/09/archdischild-2021-321645 Personally, I think the next approach will be admin through an LMA - check out this recent report from ADC/FN: https://fn.bmj.com/content/106/3/336 and listen to this ADC podcast episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/nz/podcast/laryngeal-mask-use-in-neonatal-practice/id333278832?i=1000531465079
  6. Hi @ali, I must admit I am not sure about how we do this... but I think it goes about like this. Registrations are first stored on the hard drive of our aEEG machine, and the electrophys depart then "tanks" them over somehow to interpret our tracings. I suppose the electrophys dept keep the aEEG tracings with all their other tracings (EEGs, EMGs etc-etc),i.e. so it complies to legal frameworks.
  7. We are very happy that MONIVENT extends its Supporting Partnership with 99nicu! @Monivent is a medtech company dedicated to improve the emergency ventilatory care given to newborn babies in need of respiratory support at birth. About 3-6 % of all newborns end up in this situation, where healthcare personnel today are lacking tools to determine how effective their manual ventilation really is. Monivent® Neo is a non-invasive monitoring device to be used during manual ventilation, measuring the air volume given to the baby with sensors wirelessly built-into the face mask, providing the caregiver with continuous feedback on several critical parameters. A target volume is presented and any volume given outside the recommended interval is clearly indicated by a color change on an intuitive display. MONIVENT products are Monivent Neo Training to be used within simulation training on a manikin, and Monivent Neo100 for use in clinical settings. Learn more about MONIVENT on: http://monivent.se/
  8. This looks unusual indeed, have not seen this before. I would recommend an echocardiography and a regular ultrasound of the abdominal organs to start with, to look for any apparent anomalies in the "venous geography". If those investigations turns out to be normal, I really don't know. I suppose we would offer clinical followup and wait and see. Will follow this topic with great interest!
  9. Great to this topic re-surface after 10y! We switched to an AccuCheck apparatus (not the small patient device, a more bulky white/purple device for hospital use) since a few years back. It works reasonably ok in my experience but we still see false positives for hypoglycemia (for example, the AccuCheck results indicates like 1.9 when our blood gas machine gives 3.1) My feelings around this super-common test: in those times when everything becomes better, why cannot someone invent a point of care device that WORKS for newborns... 🤔
  10. Thanks @tarek for sharing. We do the same. I personally think that the attention brought up around the diseased twin has a great value for us how we approach the family and also for the family to muddle through their tough experience. And the butterfly, there could not be a better symbol IMHO.
  11. @Francesco Cardona Thanks! 15 Years of posting made it happen You Will soon follow!
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