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  1. Based on the ELVIS findings, I would argue for a less conservative approach. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29440132/, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30878207/, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32800815/ We follows VI in those cases. In our limited experience, the "tube of choice" by our ped neurosurgeons in Stockholm is a reservoir (that we empty on a regular basis) rather than a real shunt.
  2. Twitter is really great some time. Check out this discussion started by @AllThingsNeonatal about paralytics for intubation!
  3. @Vicky Payne Found these previous threads:
  4. And I reply on the app :) (which I find a bit clunky still) we would use phys sodium chloride for ELBW infants
  5. Please use five minutes to respond to this survey: https://survey-picterus.typeform.com/to/OtdOz9Ix Through my own engagement in various projects as social entrepreneur, I have come across several like-minded colleagues The Norwegian neonatologist Anders Aune is the founder of Picterus, a start-up in Trondheim/Norway. Pictures has invented a smartphone app that measures the degree of neonatal jaundice. The app is developed to work well in low-resource contexts where undetected neonatal jaundice is estimated to cause more than 100.000 deaths per year, plus the many thousands of infan
  6. We don't have a written guideline but I tell you how we do First of all, we give enteral feeding 3h with the iv-dextrose. Depending on the total volume/24h, the enteral volume depends but usually (if the infant maintains S-Na etc), we are fairly liberal and allow higher total volumes than we would normally do (like 100+ ml/kg/d the first day of life) When the infant is normoglycemic, we have a standard way of decreasing the iv-infusion, we typically reduce the glucose infusion (most often we can use 10%) with 1 ml/hour at every 3h meal. Usually we plan enteral feeding volumes for th
  7. Hmm... I must admit I don't know. I report this to the software company and asks.
  8. 1c 2 No 3 depends on the context (pre-birth history, antepartal course, gest age etc-etc) but non-invasive startpreferable. In preterms, we apply nasal prongs and CPAP directly after birth (and soon, there may well be a nasal prongs/device for nasal ventilation, and connected to the NeoPuff/similar )
  9. Check this classical paper out: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(14)60197-5/fulltext It does not refer to your actual scenario but Maybe findings can be extrapolated
  10. For #1 - from a pathophys view (decreasing pulm vascular resistance is the key goal) so iNO would certainly be my option. For #2 - given a completely well infant at 24h, we would be OK with discharge at 24h.
  11. I am very glad to welcome Concord Neonatal as our latest Supporting Bronze Partner. Concord Neonatal is a pioneering neonatal care company. They provide the Concord Birth Trolley® , enabling neonatal caregivers to provide lifesaving care with the umbilical cord intact for as long as needed. Close to mom, the baby gets maximum benefit from the blood from the placenta, up to the moment it is breathing on its own. We are very happy for this partnership. With its unrestricted educational grants to 99nicu, Concord Neonatal will help us cover costs for maintenance, development and technic
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