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  1. As calcium varies by pH, I find it myself a bit tricky to interpret levels in asymtomatic babies. as we get ion Ca on our blood gases, that is what we usually assess. here is a relatively good web page with normal reference values: https://www.bettersafercare.vic.gov.au/resources/clinical-guidance/maternity-and-newborn-clinical-network/normal-laboratory-values-for-neonates
  2. In milder hyponatremia (due to increased losses common in preterm infants) we typically supplement orally with NaCl and start with 4mmol Na/kg/day, split into four doses/24h (so 1 mmol Na/kg/dose x 4). In cases of higher losses (like use of thiazid diuretic) one needs to supplement more, sometimes we end up with ~10 mmol Na/kg/day Found this protocol from the UK, we do similary: http://mm.wirral.nhs.uk/document_uploads/shared-care/SodiumChloridesharedcare guideline14.pdf
  3. I’d say it depends on the underlying pathogenesis. If the reason is iatrogenic or true Na loss. Generally we aim to correct S-Na during 12-36 hours. We calculate the sodium deficit and administrer that amount during this time. We do never use undiluted sodium solution, always add to a larger volume (typically 8 or sometimes 16 mmol/L)
  4. Join our webinar - Unpicking the evidence for nurse staffing in the NICU: What is optimal and what is the impact? With two leading experts in this field, Chiara Dall’Ora at the University of Southampton / UK, and Eileen T. Lake at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing / US. Bookmark Wednesday 14 October 16:00 CET. You can register for the event here. Many of our 99NICU subscribers will have experienced first-hand the challenges of staffing the NICU, being aware of the short-term impact nurse staffing can have both on patient care and staff morale. During thi
  5. Hi! I don’t have any personal experience but only know this can be a challenging problem. Did a search through Google Scholar , maybe you find some relevant references/ case reports here: https://scholar.google.se/scholar?q=bronchopleural+fistula+management+preterm&hl=sv&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart
  6. @Peter Odion Ubuane The cooling trial in Australia was done with a low-tech solution, they used regular cooling "gel packs". If I remember correctly from a lecture long ago, they sometimes also used a table fan bedside, if they had problems to reach the target temp. I found this photo below and local trial info on the web here: https://www.bettersafercare.vic.gov.au/resources/clinical-guidance/maternity-and-newborn-clinical-network/therapeutic-hypothermia-for-hypoxic-ischaemic-encephalopathy-initiation-in-special-care-nurseries The trial publication is available free in full-text her
  7. (Another) Great video! Many thanks for sharing!
  8. We don’t use non-invasive NO so the poll does not work out well for me (required fields / questions are based on Yes in the first question)
  9. 👍 thanks for sharing and congratulations to you and your team! Keep up the good work!
  10. @Salman @Narasimha Rao I suggest you get in touch w a 3M rep where you are based, should not be rocket-science for a multinational company to get this where you are based!
  11. Check out the , now for the first time as a Virtual Meeting. More info on the attached PDF. Visit the web site for more info and to register: https://www.epiclatino.co/in-english
  12. until
    Check out the 5th International Epiclatino Meeting - "Crossing Frontiers in Neonatology", now for the first time as a Virtual Meeting. More info on the attached PDF. Visit the web site for more info and to register: https://www.epiclatino.co/in-english
  13. @K. S. Gautham Thanks for sharing! @all - here's the direct link to the paper by Patil et al: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41372-020-0765-3
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