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  1. We are currently doing a study on the natural history of temperature in neonates in Southampton using a standardised protocol from delivery to admission to the NNU and in the first 24 hours under 31 weeks gestation. We only use plastic bags.
  2. Very nice video. We have also got a very similar channel addressing a similar concept which we use for our trainees https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC22LMIG5Bwqhreic_DFHATw
  3. Dear Colleagues, As part of our Difficult Neonatal Airway course I am adding the 3rd video in the series titled 'Cant Intubate Can Ventilate'. This should be seen in conjunction with the previous 2 videos. We will be producing videos on Can't Intubate Can't Ventilate, Principles of Videolaryngoscopy, Difficult Neonatal Airway Trolleys in due course.
  4. Pleasure guys 3 more to come
  5. Young Investigator Prize We are organizing the next annual neonatal simulation conference in September on the 26th and 27th of September 2017 at the Grand Harbor Hotel Southampton. The conference has a multidisciplinary theme of ‘Simulating Together to Improve Neonatal Outcomes’. We are looking to showcase work done by you in the field of neonatal simulation which you think is pertinent in furthering our approach to how we deliver simulation in the neonatal intensive care environment. Research work relating to neonatal simulation and TEL is what we are looking for. An abstract form is available on www.mproveonline.com or http://storage.googleapis.com/wzukusers/user-23208728/documents/581052c5acd5aC3sUUzu/Abstract Template for poster and podium.docx Best Wishes Dr Alok Sharma Consultant Neonatologist
  6. Dear Tarek can you email wonepeducation@gmail.com
  7. That's great Tarek contact me on aloksharma@nhs.net
  8. We are moving to use of I stat machine based testing. Is any one else using them Alok
  9. Can I ask how you all measure blood sugars and whether there is any evidence of blood gas machines versus BM sticks
  10. Neonatal Fellowships Princess Anne Hospital Southampton UK Please note we have advertised neonatal fellowships in University Hospitals Southampton NHS Trust. These fellowships are starting in March 2017 for a period ranging from 6 months to 2 years on the tier 2 or 3 rota for tertiary level neonatology. Southampton currently offers training in neonatology, neonatal transport, neonatal surgery, neonatal cardiac patients and neonatal neurosurgery. Specialty input is also available in neonatal nephrology (peritoneal dialysis), neonatal endocrinology, ENT, and respiratory medicine. Rota: At any one time there are 7 WTE ST4-8 training either in Neonatology or Paediatrics with an interest in Neonatology based on the Unit. In addition there are a number of Clinical Fellows, MTIs and ANNPs contributing to the registrar rota ( 10 WTE). All of them have had tertiary level neonatal experience. The current rota enables a Registrar & ST1-3/ANNP for both IC/HC care and Special care and an allocated person for transport. When working or covering the Neonatal service the registrar has no other commitments. In addition a number of Academic and Clinical Fellows contribute to the out of hours component of the Unit cover. Teaching & Training-Details of the Wessex-Oxford neonatal education programme is available on the following link http://www.wonepedu.com/Fellowships.html. A sample training programme is attached. For further details and to apply please contact Dr Alok Sharma on aloksharma@nhs.net or call on 00447725868090 Thanking You Yours Most Sincerely Dr Alok Sharma Consultant Neonatologist Princess Anne Hospital Southampton Neonatal Education Programme2016Version4.pdf Neonatal Fellow nov 16.pdf
  11. Dear Colleagues, We are organizing the next annual neonatal simulation conference in September on the 26th and 27th of September 2017 at the Grand Harbour Hotel Southampton in the summer. The conference has a multidisciplinary theme of ‘Simulating Together to Improve Neonatal Outcomes’. We are looking to showcase work done by you in the field of neonatal simulation and technology enhanced learning. There are 8 workshops, 16 plenary sessions and we will be accepting podium presentations and posters as well. There will be dedicated sessions covering simulation technology, debriefing, new mannikins, moulage, manikin modification and barriers to the uptake of simulation. This conference is about your work, let us learn from you. Amongst the awards to be won are ‘Young Investigator of the Year’, ‘Multidisciplinary Simulation Team of the Year’, ‘Application of Technology Enhanced Learning in Neonatal Care’ and ‘NEOSIMTEL CHAMPIONS’. For further information, speakers, and an abstract form or brochure please visit http://www.mproveonline.com/conference We are currently inviting abstracts for all the above including workshops. If you have a neonatal simulation programme and would like to present your work, or are a multiprofessional neonatal team looking to highlight technology enhanced learning in neonatal education please apply through the abstract form. Best Wishes Dr Alok Sharma (aloksharma@nhs.net) & Dr Ranjit Gunda (drgunda@gmail.com)
  12. Dear Rich I tried it in a 27 weeker recently in the saphenous found it difficult to get it through the skin entry site. Will try again thnk you Alok
  13. Can I ask threading the yellow insertion over the wire fails to enter the skin at times because of lack of a dilator what do you guys do about this Alok