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  1. Dear Colleagues, I hope this email finds you in the best of health and good spirits. For those of you who run simulation related activity in neonatology we have a website where resources can be accessed. Simulation scenarios are added every month and can be accessed here https://www.mproveacademy.com/mprove-academy/scenario-bank Moulage to improve your neonatal scenarios can be accessed here https://www.mproveacademy.com/mprove-academy/scenario-bank If you just want to access videos to teach and train your trainees and colleagues they can be accessed through the scenarios or on this website below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC22LMIG5Bwqhreic_DFHATw?view_as=subscriber There are playlists on Neonatal Procedural Skills, QI initiatives, and Human Factors training in neonatology. Hope this helps. If anyone has any ideas about using technology enhanced learning in neonatology that we can share please dont hesitate to be in touch. Alok Sharma Consultant Neonatologist Southampton UK
  2. Thanks Zuzanna we already have. We have implemented standard practice of placing the resuscitaire temperature probe in the baby's axilla after birth. The resuscitaire is switched to servocontrol at 37 C. At 5 minutes if the baby is still hypothermic a gel matress is added. The key is there is a dedicated person monitoring the temperature throughout the resuscitation. We have had a significant improvement in our thermal outcomes over the past year. The key thing is whether this is sustained.
  3. Gayle that's fantastic. We use servocontrol as well just like you and cannot monitor in transport. We do however do a digital temperature just before we leave the delivery area to make sure it correlates and on arrival in the NICU because distances are large. It just means that if a baby is hypothermic at any point that becomes a point at which to intervene. Using this we have had only one preterm baby with a temperature under 36.5C last year. This was without increasing rates of hyperthermia on our NICU. We used a standardised protocol (www.mproveacademy.com go to scenarios and look at https://www.mproveacademy.com/mprove-academy/scenario-bank) You are looking for Thermal Care. Alok
  4. Dear Colleagues, I am a consultant neonatologist from Southampton United Kingdom. We have run a quality improvement initiative with regards to thermal outcomes in in preterm neonates admitted to the NICU after birth called Project SHIP. This involves standardising management of preterm birth from before delivery to admission to the NICU. As part of this we are doing a short survey on practice in this regard world wide. I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions in this regard. Dr Alok Sharma draloksharma74@gmail.com Twitter: @draloksharma74
  5. spartacus007

    Cap and Mask for PICC Line

    Dear Colleagues I was wondering whether anyone can provide me with an evidence based article justifying this for neonates in incubators and providing me the rationale. For a baby in an incubator how would a cap and mask reduce infection Alok
  6. We are using the macintosh 0 slight problem is the thickness of the handle
  7. spartacus007

    Nitric Oxide in CDH

    Guys we struggled with everything so I got a CT angigram as lungs were wet. Confirmed a infracardiac TAPVC with scimitar syndrome. Inoperable hence we have moved to palliative care.
  8. spartacus007

    Nitric Oxide in CDH

    Thanks guys we are already on Noradrenaline infusion and minimal ventilation with good CO2 clearance. Have you got a dose for inhaled epoprostenol Alok Also on Milrinone
  9. spartacus007

    Nitric Oxide in CDH

    I have a a 30 day of neonate with CDH. never been extubated. Got him down to 50% and in 0.5-1ppm of Nitric Oxide. Have tried weaning him slowly of the NO on multiple occasions. Always go into 90% TO 100% Fio2. Already on maximum doses of Sildenafil. Not oedematous on PCAC 20/5 with good CO2 clearance. I cannot get the final bit of NO off. Any strategies from the forum would be greatly appreciated. PS Operated not paralysed synchronising well good drive
  10. spartacus007

    Abdominal wall defect- Gastroschisis

    How are you managing their GUTS after birth. We deliver between 12-15 an year have not had a death due to the gut being an issue ever. The one problem is leaving them to go post term. The defect starts closing causing the bowel to become ischemic. Most of ours will get induced around 38 weeks. We use silos in 90% of cases Alok
  11. spartacus007

    Annual International Neonatal Simulation Conference

  12. Dear Colleagues We are organising the next Neonatal Ethics and Difficult Situations Course 2017 in Southampton. There are a host of excellent topics which include 1. Disagreement between teams -Achieving Consensus 2. Disagreement with Parents-When consensus is not possible? 3. Parental decision making in End of Life Care 4. The Law and End of Life Care: Land Mark Decisions Influencing Management 5. Simulated scenarios with professional actors 6. Neonatal death and Surrogacy 7. Ethical Cases A programme is attached. For more information go to http://www.wonepedu.com/Products.html To register go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NEOETHICCOURSE An over view of how we conduct the simulations is provided here Best Wishes Dr Alok Sharma Consultant Neonatologist Princess Anne Hospital Southampton United Kingdom Email wonepedu@gmail.com NEDS6.pdf