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  1. In Linköping we have developed a structure on how to do this in deliveryroom on ELBW less than GW28. It works pretty well if you manage to deal well with the logistic. Receive on the foot-end of deliverybed between the legs of the mother, put the baby in a nest covered by plastic, using a mobile Neopuff with humidified warm gas, Starting with CPAP only awaiting the respond of heartrate and spontaneous breathing, ventilating only if bradycardia, delayed cordclamping. Incubator Close to the bed, connected to mobile CPAP/Ventilator. If intubation immediate Surfactant instillation. We have planned
  2. Ojoj - ser att du fyller jämnt idag! Stort grattis!

  3. Apropriate size for umbilical artery catheter in preterm baby less than 1000g? I normally use fr 3 or 3,5 for babys less than 750g and Fr5 for the rest unless cirkulationproblems occur in the legs. We have had lots of NEC among babies 750-1000g in this year and wonder if there is a correlation to this. What is your experience?
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