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  1. Hi How are you all is there any chances for fellowship in neonatology where do you work ? whats the requirement of acceptance for a physician from overseas countries ? i am a certified Arab broad specialist , i have a 3 years experience working in a level 3 Nicu in for a clinic with around 300 delivery per month . I've heard about the MTI program in uk , so do you know any information about it ? or any other similar program ? Thank you
  2. Application of EEG monitoring in Nicu
  3. hi .. i want to know if any one have a job description for neonatal intensive care unit physicians and nurse ??? please send if you have
  4. Meetup Lectures on Youtube

    thank you very much its great to have them online iam watching ..
  5. NRP courses / provider / instructor

    thanks tarek for your answer .. so .. i want to take these course. also .. i want to become instructor is it the same ?? i mean how many steps does it take ?? its ok for me to travel to saudi arabia its not that difficult .. waiting for reply
  6. Hi Every one .. My question is about observership programme .. These kinds of programmes is new for me and i know someone who took it for 2 month in USA when i talked to him he said that was an awesome experience as allowed him to have a closer look on how things done and various issues in Nicu ( Exposure to different cases and new method of management - NO Cooling ..ect ) .. So do you have this programme in your hospital ? if so whats the Pre-requisite ? thank you .
  7. Hi Every one .. thanks for your reply in advance .. I want to ask about NRP instructor / provider courses .. In libya we ve established our neonatal society this year and we are looking to train some members to be a certified trainee , in order to expand the neonatal resuscitation knowledge and skills all over the country as future target . so as the Country is not very stable now , we think about sending members outside libya to the nearby country ( egypt / tunisia / jordan ) . do you have any idea how much does is take ( Time & fee ) any one of our 99nicu memeber who is a Certified NRP here may have things to add iam waiting for your response ..
  8. hi >> thanks in advance for your help and responses i know i ve asked a big question but i will tell you in the meanwhile in my country libya we are having a real challenges and obstacles ( mean income for a physician now in libya 170 dollars , and most of embassy are closed so its a dream to travel outside and attend conferences ) as a physician interested in the neonate i want to attend conferences and to participate in activities to update my knowledge and to improve level of care provided for the babies . so .. i was looking for websites / online conferences / webinars / ...ect so if you have any website or if you have any previous online activity regarding neonatal care let me know
  9. thanks a lot for your help >>
  10. morphine/ midazolam or fentanyl + ms relaxant .. this combination or using of of them is the most cimmon among different protocoles what we use is midazolam+ atracur. it works well but in terms of evidnce based practice , i dont know which is the best .
  11. thanks a lot for a reply . iam going to give a lecture to new residents about how can we found a trustable info ? what is the best websites in pediatrics ? the hierarchy of evidence ? i didnt write dowen my objectives yet , but u think i will focus on : evidence based medicine hierachy of evidence trust it or trash it ( the quality o info) how know the good websites ect hopefully clarify it enough ? so any ideas to make a great lecture!
  12. hi ,, i want to prepare a lecture about this subject any help ??
  13. Hi > How are you all . i want to asko about any ideas to improve the quality of care provided by Nicu Nurses ? any online courses ? courses should be given ? now we will give BLS and ALS for all nurses and to be recertified on 2 yearly bases . this is one example but what else can we do ?
  14. Hi - as you know , most bacteremia in NICU related to staph.epidermidis , which lives on baby skin and of course improper hygienic measures at time of invasive procedure lead to to such a complications. what i want to know : 1st - do we have to cover the catheterized umbilicus or leav it to air ? is there any study adressing the difference in colonization and infection between two practices (cover or donr cover ) . 2nd question : what is the daily care to uvc ? clean or wipe with N/S - Alcohol or bethidine ? any information thanks