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  1. hi >> thanks in advance for your help and responses i know i ve asked a big question but i will tell you in the meanwhile in my country libya we are having a real challenges and obstacles ( mean income for a physician now in libya 170 dollars , and most of embassy are closed so its a dream to travel outside and attend conferences ) as a physician interested in the neonate i want to attend conferences and to participate in activities to update my knowledge and to improve level of care provided for the babies . so .. i was looking for websites / online conferences / webinars / ...ect so if you have any website or if you have any previous online activity regarding neonatal care let me know
  2. thanks a lot for your help >>
  3. morphine/ midazolam or fentanyl + ms relaxant .. this combination or using of of them is the most cimmon among different protocoles what we use is midazolam+ atracur. it works well but in terms of evidnce based practice , i dont know which is the best .
  4. thanks a lot for a reply . iam going to give a lecture to new residents about how can we found a trustable info ? what is the best websites in pediatrics ? the hierarchy of evidence ? i didnt write dowen my objectives yet , but u think i will focus on : evidence based medicine hierachy of evidence trust it or trash it ( the quality o info) how know the good websites ect hopefully clarify it enough ? so any ideas to make a great lecture!
  5. hi ,, i want to prepare a lecture about this subject any help ??
  6. Hi > How are you all . i want to asko about any ideas to improve the quality of care provided by Nicu Nurses ? any online courses ? courses should be given ? now we will give BLS and ALS for all nurses and to be recertified on 2 yearly bases . this is one example but what else can we do ?
  7. Hi - as you know , most bacteremia in NICU related to staph.epidermidis , which lives on baby skin and of course improper hygienic measures at time of invasive procedure lead to to such a complications. what i want to know : 1st - do we have to cover the catheterized umbilicus or leav it to air ? is there any study adressing the difference in colonization and infection between two practices (cover or donr cover ) . 2nd question : what is the daily care to uvc ? clean or wipe with N/S - Alcohol or bethidine ? any information thanks
  8. Hi .. we i work , we dont see cases of neonatal tetanus , possibly because of effevctive immunization programme and hyigenic precaustion taken during delivery . but not uncommonly we see cases of normal babies delivered at home and their umbilical cord cut by non sterile knife ( often scissor) . so in such cases >> what should we do ??
  9. Very Informative ,, thanks a lot
  10. Hi >> in case you found MRSA in rectal swab , in otherwise healthy baby .. what is the managment plane? we dont have chlorohexidine powder .. is there any alternative ? how many decolonization attemp should we try ?
  11. We don,t lock CVS
  12. hi ,, good evening >>

    i am young dr ( with Nicu) interest , from libya .

    i want to ask about observership in nicu in usa .

    do you have any information or usefull websites ? 

    all i want is to see how do you care for the babies , guidlines , to learn from you as nicu in usa on the top of best quality providers .


    so would you like to help ? really iam hoping to improve the nicu care where do i work , also  i have a dream of 

    improving the neonatal care in tripoli and libya .

  13. thanks a lot ,,
  14. hi .. thanks for the information , we get used to change to meronam and vancomycin , ans as you said its too big decision for most of nicu admition .