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  1. How i can join this fellowship Whoyld you help me please. Dr Tarek Kotb CV.docx
  2. Hello It will be great to participate in this conference I like to share my experience as NRP instructor so i can present advanced NRP simulation Thanks
  3. This is my birthday date also so i am very very happy
  4. Clinical guidelines from RPA in Australia.
  5. tarek


    Very useful educational web site with videos. And you can get CME hours.
  6. NRP should be given to any one working with neonate The other course which is too much benificial is STABLE course This is the most imp for nicu doctors and sisters
  7. tarek


    Neonate (IM/IV): <7 days: <2 kg: 50–100 mg/kg/24 hr ÷ Q12 hr ≥2 kg: 75–150 mg/kg/24 hr ÷ Q8 hr Group B streptococcal meningitis: 200–300 mg/kg/24 hr ÷ Q8 hr ≥7 days: <1.2 kg: 50–100 mg/kg/24 hr ÷ Q12 hr 1.2–2 kg: 75–150 mg/kg/24 hr ÷ Q8 hr >2 kg: 100–200 mg/kg/24 hr ÷ Q6 hr Group B streptococcal meningitis: 300 mg/kg/24 hr ÷ Q4–6 hr
  8. Thank you for the very practical question that we are facing in every day practice For last couple of days i had this list neonate with hemoglobin 9.8 shifted for coarctation repair we resreved blood for him and shifted to the surgical centre Another one initially with gastroschiesis jeujonostomy and ileostomy done for him and went to OR for stoma closure his Hb was 8 we gave him PRBCs before OR Hydrocephalus for VP shunt shifted to OR with Hb 13 Fresh newborn D2 MMC repair Sooooooo I agree with you some babies need to be transfused before OR specially we do not know how much of blood they will lose during OR Really i like this topic we need a clear guidline for that
  9. Nice topic Dr Stefan your question how is the baby is ok in English but in Arabic it is difficult so in well baby check or postnatal ward i am asking the mother first boy or girl We are following blue and pink barcelet and clothes i think it is better for us in the unit and for checking before discharge ambigious babies we are writing frankly over the creb or the incubator ambigious tell the results available that made no confusion to the parents
  10. Thanks for sharing You can think in hypohidrosis Or Congenital hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
  11. Conclusion Preterm infants frequently experience IVH or pulmonary hemorrhage, which usually occur within 72 hours after birth and can lead to long-term neurological impairments and mortality. As these serious hemorrhagic complications are closely related to perinatal hemodynamic changes, delayed umbilical cord clamping or umbilical cord milking to maintain optimal blood pressure and SBF, careful assessments to maintain the afterload at an acceptable level, and a strategy of early targeted treatment of significant PDA to improve perfusion during this critical time period may reduce or prevent these serious complications. REVIEW ARTICLE Circulatory Management Focusing on Preventing Intraventricular Hemorrhage and Pulmonary Hemorrhage in Preterm Infants Bai-Horng Su a,b,*, Hsiang-Yu Lin a,b, Fu-Kuei Huang a, Ming-Luen Tsai a, Yu-Ting Huang
  12. Ibuprufen orally can be used to treat hemodynamically significant PDA the dose is 10 mg/kg OD in D1 5 mg/kg OD in D2. 5mg/kg OD in D3. Also check your total fluid intake regarding management of pulmonary hge. My question is IT epinephrine any evidence based practice for that Also question for the people who are using FFP you are using regardless of PT and PTT
  13. interested to be involved in any activity that will help me and help others to take a step towards perfection and recreation
  14. It depend on the cause of cardiogenic shock
  15. May i ask how much is the cost of this medication ? Is it same like ponsenten orally
  16. As this rash came and disappeared in 20 minutes it looks like urticarial reaction I didnt see the picture but cutis mormorata can occur in cold stress and once the baby temp improved the rash disappeared
  17. more MAP more hypotension so dont forget the role of 9 if the patient is already hypotensive HFOV with high MAP will compromise him more
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