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  1. Dear Colleagues The SENSTN project and scientific unit of quality FMG –AL-Azhar University invite you to attend webinar [ Research Variables] Speaker Professor Omaima Abu ELkhair Coordinated Professor Safaa ELMeneza Research variables webinar 4-11-2020.docx
  2. How to Deliver the Promise of E-Health in a Changing Environment - 'The Estonian Way’. Introduction to TalTech Health Care Technology (HCT), a knowledge triangle programme ICU project -e.health estonia_online (1).pdf
  3. patient safety in NICU eg. adopted standards ,skills, database of incident report system
  4. I saw only one case since more than 20 years I think what to do is depend upon the epidemiology and individual case
  5. hope your patient is better now our routine is to increase PEEP , FFP ,platelet transfusion if needed .if repeated we may use intratracheal epinephrine For PDA you can use Paracetamol as mentioned by first colleague Patricia , consideration for heart failure and CHD Surgical correction if severe as prove by Echo
  6. I agree we should be ready to admit, "I might be wrong". Also it is time to start a large trial in the NICU to investigate the risks of early PN. I also suggest operational definitions for ; early /late PN , for what is exactly meant by eternal feeding as ( amount - type -frequency -etc ) GA ,Birth weight ,associated risk factors need to be also considered
  7. I did not use it yet , but you may find help with the website https://www.mdoloris.com/.
  8. It is results of the case series are very interesting and I think RCCT is needed . We had previous experience regarding AAP recommendation of use 100% oxygen during resuscitation that was changed after RCCT of room air versus 100% oxygen .
  9. This article is usefull Lung Recruitment for Ventilation - Does it Work and Is it Safe? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2716052/pdf/nihms112940.pd Also Lung recruitment manoeuvres for reducing respiratory morbidity in mechanically ventilated neonates (Protocol) it is from the Cochrane Library 2012, Issue 7 Hope you find it useful nihms112940.pdf Jauncey-Cooke_2012_Lung_recruitment_manoeuvres_for_reducing_respiratory_morbidity_in_mechanically_ventilated_neonates_%28Protocol%29.pdf
  10. I am interested in this course ,but I could not download the flyer . I am the PI of project Egyptian Neonatal Safety Training Network and hope we can exchange experience
  11. until
    This 2 days workshop for training research methodology for patient safety
  12. until
    This is 2 day events for training NICU nurses on patient safety course with hand on sessions
  13. until
    This 3 days workshop for NICU patient safety training course .It include han on and simulation sessions
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