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  1. I am sorry for replying so late - here is the citation from the ERC manual for Newborn Life Support course ( 2010 edition ): ...Sodium bicarbonate If there is no effective cardiac output, or virtually none, then reversing intracardiac acidosis may be helpful. This is certainly true in animal experiments35. You are not attempting to correct the baby's metabolic acidosis, you are merely trying to improve cardiac function by improving the pH of the blood within the heart. And the evidence article: 35 Daniel SS, Dawes GS, James LS, Ross BB, Analeptics and resuscitaton of asphyxiated monkeys Br Med J 1966 II 562-3
  2. According to ERC guidelines of resuscitation in the delivery room the aim of administering sodium bicarbonate during resuscitation is not to correct the blood acidosis in general but only to elevate the pH level as close to the heart as possible to make the epinephrine receptors more "reactive" to it.
  3. You have written -"Sweden just seems - small-scale, uniform and predictable (and boring!)." Sweden for me is beautiful, calm, full of friendly people and everything you want except beeing boring. When I was in Stockholm and then in Linkoping I have had the same impression. Whats more - the weather had been unexpectedly warm - my second time I was in June and I had got quite nice suntan. I hope I will be able to visit your country once again. I still have the beautiful landscapes of middle Sweden before my eyes. Best wishes and have a good time in Big Apple!
  4. Thank you very much for your quick reply and especially for the links. I am also interested in immune response in premature infants. Can you suggest something? Is this very common situation that you observe apnea after immunisation? What can it be related to? To pain for example? Do you use any kind of analgesia? Local - like EMLA ? General - like acetaminophen before injection?
  5. Do you - in your countries vaccinate preterm infants in the same way as term ones? Do you perform first vaccination in hospital or after discharge? Maybe someone could suggest articles about vaccination of preterm babies - indications, contraindications, possible side effects...
  6. We are at the stage of reading and collecting data from other publications, we have not yet try statistics.
  7. Thank you very much. Precisely I am interesting in general influence of too low birth weight, on the outcome of surgical procedures, mainly mortality. We are planning to start a clinical trial to evaluate this subject.
  8. Dear all, I am looking for articles, book chapters and so on in the field of prognosis after surgical treatment ( for congenital malformations, PDA etc. ) in SGA newborns. Any help?
  9. Here are all new guidelines including adult , pediatric and newborn resuscitation http://www.cprguidelines.eu/2010/, you can download them, order them in printed version or posters etc... ERC members have a discount
  10. hello, sorry I'am answering so late, I have had an almost half year brake in visiting this site. It would be nice to talk to you about neonatology. Best wishes

  11. hi agni , i hope u dont mind if call u by the short name . i own a private hospital in india with a busy nicu . i hope u wd like to share ur views on various issues relating to our work . bye

  12. I have just send you the article, check your email box
  13. Really worth reading: PEDIATRICS Vol. 122 No. 4 October 2008, pp. 831-835 (doi:10.1542/peds.2007-2400) Sodium Bicarbonate: Basically Useless Therapy Judy L. Aschner, MDa,b,c and Ronald L. Poland, MDd http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/abstract/122/4/831
  14. This is very good idea but how can we protect the access for not professionals? And what about the parental consent for publication?
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