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  1. Hi Stefan, so kind of you! If you find some time, that would be lovely! Thank you
  2. Asking for some advice here. I've discovered that some of our Philips monitors (Intellivue Series MP40 and MP70) don't have any additional LAN ports that I need for my study... Does anybody know if it's possible to "stream" the content of one Philips monitor to another monitor without physically connecting them via cable? All of the monitors in the unit are connected to a central monitoring system. My thinking is: if it's possible to stream information from one monitor to a central computer, maybe it is also possible to stream the signal from that computer to another monitor? Or is it too
  3. That's Servo N, right? The question is about Servo I, do they have the same modes available? For sure the interface is much much different 😕
  4. When I tried to connect and log in with my 99nicu.org credentials, my iPhone immediately reported that my password was made public therefore I need to ASAP change it to protect this account. Is this normal?😅
  5. Do you have NAVA module there? If you do (most likely!) and you have Edi catheters to monitor signal of the diaphragm, then you're good to start with Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (invasive and non-invasive). You can find useful resources on Getinge pages: https://www.getinge.com/za/product-catalog/nava/#block-708975 https://www.getinge.com/dam/hospital/documents/marketing-sales/case-studies-and-abstracts/english/clinical_literature_for_nava_and_edi__neonatal_and_pediatric-en-non_us.pdf We do most of our invasive ventilation for premature infants in NAVA mode in our
  6. Hi, this message has reached me recently and I thought it would be great to share it also with the 99nicu community "We would like to promote an important survey about Patient and Family Center Care during the COVID-19 crisis developed by California Preterm Birth Initiative. The purpose of the survey is to gather information about changes to policies and practice due to COVID-19 and how hospitals are engaging patient and family advisors in planning and implementing changes. The following people are eligible to answer the survey: Hospital Administrator Patient Care Unit Leader
  7. Thanks for your comment, Stefan! In Turku, it's very similar, but I'm getting information from Poland that in many places they first limited visiting hours for parents, and then banned parents from the NICU altogether... I have mixed feelings about it for sure. I don't want to belittle the threat the new virus is imposing, but I believe that the trauma of isolating parents from their baby might have equally devastating and maybe even longer-lasting consequences. Would love to hear more from others too!
  8. Quick question- what are the rules right now in your NICU? Are the parents (asymptomatic) still allowed to visit/stay with their baby during the hospitalization in the unit? Share your thoughts and practices!
  9. For months I've been dreaming to have a possibility to work from my sofa in my pyjamas. Now my dreams are coming true 😅 I keep hearing from people "oh but there's nothing you can do about it!" and it just triggers me. We can all contribute to improve the safety of the most fragile citizens by undertaking some measures. At least in this sense we are not completely "powerless"!
  10. Dear fellow Ph.D. students, full-time researchers, and other fellow scientists, please #staythefuckhome. In many grant proposals, we write "this research has the potential to save lives, because... ". Let's face it- most of our research won't save lives (or at least not at once)*. No matter how fantastic our research projects are, science takes time. But what can actually save lives immediately is US STAYING HOME. This way we - the (relatively) young people in big academic campuses- won't be spreading the virus that might be deadly for others: for an old lady in the shop (who takes care o
  11. Oh well, so many thoughts after reading this article! Thanks for sharing! Although I agree with every word she says, I think that we should keep in mind that she describes the American reality, which in many ways may be different from European experiences. In many (most?) countries in Europe, we are privileged to have a generous parental leave and (rather) well-coordinated healthcare system. It doesn't change the fact that becoming a parent in the context of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit must be extremely challenging- and we need to recognize the need to support NICU parents not only d
  12. It’s been some time since I last posted here. Many things have changed in my life since then- the most important transition being my decision to move to Finland to work as a research fellow with the Baby-friendly Ventilation Study Group in Turku. The life of a beginning clinical researcher deserves a separate post here (it may even come at some point). To celebrate my first anniversary in Finland I would like to share 3 things I wish somebody had told me before I moved here. Enjoy! 1.Get nylon pants. The weather in Finland is truly whimsical. We have had a kind spring, warm summer, and
  13. until
    After (another) successful meeting with NAVA enthusiast from several countries, we are ready to announce the date of the next workshop! The goal of this event is to increase skills on the use of NAVA ventilation in the NICUs, which already have some experience with NAVA and they have a Servo-i or Servo-n ventilator. Date: 05-06.09.2019 Location: Turku, Finland Registration fee: 600€ + taxes (incl. lunches and refreshments during the workshops) How to register: contact Hanna Soukka (hanna.soukka@utu.fi or NAVA@tyks.fi before June 30, 2019) The preliminary program
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