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  1. Are you a US-based neonatologists working in a non-academic NICU? If yes, we would like to promote an opportunity for you. The startup-company Noninvasix wants to make interviews on why you would use or not use NIRS, and what evidence you would need in order to purchase NIRS-technology. For our help sharing this information, Noninvasix will give an unrestricted educational grant to us, helping out with funding of our IT-costs etc. In other words, you contribute to 99nicu funding if you participate in the interviews. If you are interested to be interviewed, please email Graham Randall, president and CEO at Noninvasix, on grandall@noninvasix.com Interviews needs to be completed before Oct 10... so don't wait too long!
  2. Association for Paediatric Palliative Medicine (APPM) issues a Master Formulary on medications used for palliative care in pediatrics. In 2017, APPM issued the 4th edition, available as a PDF-download from this website. Although most drugs are used in paediatric care of children older than infants, there are several drugs and dosages suitable also for infants.
  3. until
    Welcome to the 3rd International Neonatal Multispecialty Conferecne Abu Dhabi 16th-18th November 2017 http://www.abudhabinms.com/
  4. until
    3rd Abu Dhabi International Neonatal Multi Specialty Conference t Abu Dhabi from 16 -18 November , 2017 - Ritz Carlton Hotel - Abu Dhabi – UAE http://www.abudhabinms.com/
  5. Three new videos from the Meetup!

    There is now three more videos from the 99nicu Meetup posted on the "Meetup17" page about: NAVA-ventilation Probiotics Perinatal care differences in EU Find the Meetup17 page in the navigation bar above. Enjoy !
  6. Rare diseases

    The database of rare diseases, like congenital syndromes, by the National Board of Health, Sweden. the database is in English
  7. Another two videos of the lectures from the 99nicu Meetup is now available on the Meetup17-page! Click on the "Meetup17" tab in the meny above to see: Amir Kuperman lecturing about "Developmental Hemostasis - Practical Aspects For The Neonatologist" Kristine Karlsen lecturing about "21 years of S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Education: History and Module Overview"
  8. Another case is shared in the Virtual NICU: a 36w infant with poor feeding and dysmorpic features. The posting member seeks advice on possible differential diagnoses. Please find the case history and photos here. Please note that you must log in to access the virtual NICU and read/post about this case.
  9. The latest admission to the Virtual NICU is resolved, the infant has a 22q11 deletion syndrome. Warm regards to everyone adding input into this tricky case and special thanks to @Jose Ramon Fernandez who suggested the diagnosis, confirmed by genetic testing. As the Virtual NICU is a closed members-only area for 99nicu, you need to be logged in to read and add input in discussion. Please find the URL below (if logged in you can just click on it, otherwise you need to log in first)
  10. There is a new case in the Virtual NICU, posted by @Pontus Johansson about an ex-preterm infant with a suspected congenital syndrome. The posting member seeks advice on possible differential diagnoses. Please find the case history and photos here. Note that you need to be logged in to get access to the virtual NICU, i.e. read and comment.
  11. 99nicu album

  12. There was an interesting discussion in the 99nicu Slack channel, we'd like to share here, posted by @rehman_naveed The following comments reported a similar episode with a UVC, but alternative explanations were the human factor (was the PICC really backed as intended) and the possibility of material stretching (could the PICC line plastic be stretched while backing?) Also, the possibility of PICC line displacement with arm position was also raised (see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16758187) If you have further comments to this episode, please share here!
  13. Many of you may already have come across the "Practical Ultrasound for the Neonatologist" software. Professor Nick Evans at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia, just reminded us the good news that these education programs, one on echocardiography and one on brain ultrasound, is no longer distributed on CD-roms, but is available as digital downloads. Prices are only 25 AUD (about 17 euro) each. The programs are currently only available for Windows. The direct link to the on-line shop is https://practical-neonatal-ultrasound.selz.com/ All profits go to support teaching and research in neonatal haemodynamics. The link to the department is http://www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/rpa/neonatal/default.html
  14. We would like to share the following survey about what you think is preferred probiotics for preterm infants. The survey is part of a Master Project for two students at the Copenhagen Business School. We are two Master students from Copenhagen Business School about to finalize our Master Project. Together with the non-profit organization Neobiomics, we are investigating what would be an optimal probiotics product for preterm infants. Why do we need your help? We desire to develop a probiotic product for preterm infants that are customized with preferred features of your input. Your expertise is therefore very essential to our project. This project is only usable if it includes a large number of responders. We want to accommodate your preferences and therefore we ask you to complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire can only be answer by pediatric or neonatal doctors. Please click on the following link to get access to the survey: http://www.questionpro.com/t/AMzdSZYVzk
  15. Two upcoming meetings!

    We would like to promote two very interesting meetings, the jENS meeting and a conference on transports. Just follow the links below. Both meetings are organized by the MCA, a highly professional and much experienced conference organizer.