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  1. until
    The 6th International Conference on Human Milk Science and Innovation is a distinctive international forum covering the latest discoveries and scientific and clinical research related to human milk. Renowned scientists and clinicians from around the world are invited to attend this annual event to discuss the scientific potential of human milk and raise awareness of its clinical relevance. Click for more information: http://www.humanmilkscience.org/conference
  2. Bestowed in honor of Dr. Ruth Lawrence's contribution to the field of breastfeeding medicine, the annual award will be presented in Dr. Lawrence’s name to recognize a medical fellow or postdoctoral scholar for their research in the science of human milk. The International Conference on Human Milk Science and Innovation (ICHMSI) invites potential applicants to submit an entry for Award consideration. The Award winner will be notified on August 1, 2018. The Award will be presented during the annual ICHMSI scientific meeting held each September. The Award recipient will receive US$10,000 plus travel costs to the scientific meeting, and will have the honor of presenting their research paper during the Conference. Deadline for the application is 15 June 2018. The conference ICHMSI will take place 5-7 September 2018, Pasadena, CA, US. Read more about the award here: http://www.humanmilkscience.org/award and more about the conference here: http://www.humanmilkscience.org/conference
  3. We proudly present Amnion Life as a new Supporting Partner of 99nicu! Amnion Life will add an unrestricted educational grant supporting to our funds for IT services and for the upcoming meetup in Vienna. Much appreciated! Amnion Life is a medical device company founded to develop the AmnioBed, an amniotic neonatal incubator system. AmnioBed is a novel, patented and sophisticated incubator that creates a simulated amniotic fluid self-regulating, sterile submersion bath environment, similar to the mother’s womb, to recreate an ideal environment to nurture preterm infants. The AmnioBed is intended to provide critical, ongoing development and nurturing to in-turn decrease short and long-term complications that are common in premature birth. Read more about Amnion Life and AmnioBed on http://amnion.life/
  4. TnECHO

    Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography (TnECHO) is increasingly used by neonatologists in the intensive care setting to support clinical decisions. The technology may be applied for the evaluation of the neonatal heart, brain, abdomen/pelvis and vascular access. This application focuses on neonatologist-performed TnECHO. The provision of real-time information on cardiovascular performance and systemic perfusion, the non-invasive nature of the technique, rapidity of data acquisition and report generation, and ability to perform longitudinal functional assessments have all contributed to in the increased utilization of TnECHO by neonatologists in the neonatal intensive care (NICU). The purpose of this application is to support neonatologists who are actively involved in a recognized TnECHO training program. This application includes videos of probe position, 2D echo loops, color Doppler loops, and labelling of the various structures. This application is aimed at familiarizing neonatologists with basic echocardiography views and aiding self directed learning, but does not represent complete training. This application has not been designed to teach how to screen, diagnose or evaluate congenital heart disease, although it is recognized that neonatologists must be familiar with normal anatomy and deviations from this. Although structural heart disease should always be considered when performing a TnECHO evaluation, if the former is clinically suspected a paediatric cardiologist should always be involved. Image optimization techniques are not discussed as it is usually machine specific.
  5. The NICU App allows physicians and nurses to rapidly look up evidence based guidelines relevant to the care of infants. The management of a specific condition, an explanation of how to carry out a practical procedure or reference ranges for biophysical parameters. All this information is available by the cot side without the need for an internet connection. The NICU App makes it easy to reference suggested neonatal guidelines; calculate drug and infusion doses; along with procedural and physiological parameter calculations. A comprehensive handheld tool for medical and nursing staff of all levels.
  6. until
    the United States Institute of Kangaroo Care (USIKC) arranges the 14th Annual International Kangaroo Care Certification Course, June 2-3 2018, at the Fairview Hospital, 18101 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland OH. More info is available at http://www.kangaroocareusa.org/ and in the attached PDF. Certification2018.pdf
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    This is quiz based on a systematic review on the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis in high-income countries, published a few weeks ago. The systematic review illustrates the methodological challenges to do international comparisons. Although the clinical message is a bit limited, it is educating to read this review from a methodological viewpoint. The document is unfortunately not available in full-text. If you do not have access, your local hospital library should be able to get you a copy. Or ask a friend Find the paper here: http://fn.bmj.com/content/early/2018/01/09/archdischild-2017-313880 Read the paper and then take the quiz but... please note that you must log in to take this quiz (and all future quizzes). DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee that the "correct answer" in a quizz is 100% correct. Never base you clinical decision on a quiz!
  7. NICU Fluids

    NICU Fluids is an all-in-one calculator for IV fluids, GIR, electrolytes, and FENa designed for RNs, medical students, residents, and attending physicians. NICU Fluids features include: GIR calculator using single or multiple drips Electrolyte calculator for single or multiple drips FENa calculator for determining if prerenal vs. intrinsic acute renal injury Users can quickly and accurately calculate GIR and electrolytes on rounds with just a few clicks. Developed by a neonatal-perinatal fellow. An excellent companion for anyone caring for critically ill neonates. @Kykie Thanks for telling us about this app!
  8. QxMD

    Read by QxMD - Your personalized medical & scientific journal Keep up with the latest new research that will impact your practice One tap access to full text Search millions of articles from PubMed and our database of outstanding topic reviews Read your favorite journals or browse article collections. Access full text through your university/institutional subscription or via open access publishers Share articles with colleagues over email, Twitter and Facebook Organize, review & publish your personal article collections @Kykie Thanks for telling us about this app!
  9. And... now a set of great lectures are published on Youtube. View them below. NB: Click on the icon in the top left corner to choose among the lectures.
  10. The 24 hour countdown for Early Birds is starting! If you want to join us at the discounted rate, register no later than January 15. Sign up today https://99nicu.org/meetup/registration Why come to the Future of Neonatal Care? Reason #1 Interactivity We believe conferences should be a place to exchange knowledge and give anyone a chance to ask questions. Participants at our last conference especially enjoyed “very good discussions” and “plenty of time for questions”. We use an app to allow for immediate feedback from participants. Additionally, we will have workshops on current important issues of neonatology like parent-centered care, best practice in applying surfactant and simulation training in neonatology. Reason #2 Future Our topics are focused on how neonatology will develop in the future. What skills will the neonatologist need to perform best practice neonatology (echo, LISA)? How can we identify infants that are in risk of deteriorating? What tools will help us treat our infants on the neonatal ward (ultrasound, aEEG, NIRS, MRI)? How should we design our neonatal wards ideally? And how can we work together with parents for optimal outcomes?
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    This is quiz based on the 2016 Update of the "European Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Respiratory Distress Syndrome", published in the journal Neonatology in earlier this year. This consensus documents discusses the evidence for RDS management, and gives graded recommendations for various interventions and management strategies. The document is available in full text here: https://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/448985 Read the paper and then take the quiz but... please note that you must log in to take this quiz (and all future quizzes). DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee that the "correct answer" in a quizz is 100% correct. Never base you clinical decision on a quiz!
  11. The 2018 Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention Pleasurable feeding for premature infants: - Food for thought! Thursday 22 March in Nanna Svartz Aula, ”Old” Karolinska University Hospital in Solna The 9th Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention will 2018 continue the theme on how to achieve the optimal long-term outcomes by an active involvement of families in the care of the newborn infant. . There will be a section for short presentations. The conference with handouts will be available free on the Internet two weeks after the meeting as in previous years. We usually have 2-3,000 visitors from all over the world. Please view 2017 Ultra-Early: http://ultra-early-intervention.creo.tv/2017/ultra-early-convention Registration and submission of abstracts by mail to nidcap.karolinska@sll.se Deadline is 28 February 2018 Conference fee is 3000 SEK, including coffee, lunch and conference dinner [corresponding fee for accepted speakers for the short presentations is SEK 1100]. Conference language is English. Welcome, Stina Klemming, Björn Westrup, Ann-Sofi Ingman, Veronica Berggren and Lena Westas Organizing committee
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    This is quiz based on the review "Management and investigation of neonatal encephalopathy: 2017 update", published in the Fetal and Neonatal edition of ADC in earlier this year. The review discusses an approach to determining the cause of neonatal encephalopathy, as well as current evidence on resuscitation and subsequent management of hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE). The review is available in full text here: http://fn.bmj.com/content/102/4/F346 Read the paper and then take the quiz but... please note that you must log in to take this quiz (and all future quizzes). DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee that the "correct answer" in a quizz is 100% correct. Never base you clinical decision on a quiz!
  12. Future of Neonatal Care, Vienna, Austria

    Welcome to the “Future of Neonatal Care – advancing the management of newborns”, in Vienna, 9-12 April 2018! This is our own 99nicu Meetup! Click here for more info!