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  1. In Amsterdam we do not were masks at the NICU; will do when a COVID19 + neonate is admitted, but so far that has not happened. When parents are positive, the babies will be tested twice in two weeks; we will were normal masks untill negative. In regular live we do not were mask, we have a light lock-down.
  2. Who is working with the interfaces for CPAP of STEFAN? Many users in Germany? NICU level 3? Although we are working with the Flexitrunk and the VYGON at two different locations, we might be looking for a new system, hoping to find experience in this CPAP interface. https://www.stephan-gmbh.com/en/products/easyflow-ncpap/
  3. Hello Antoine, As above, in the VUMC Amsterdam we use, binasal Vygon. The pressure is measured at the end of the F@P tubing with a pressure-tube connected to the ventilator. We hardly give more than PEEP 8 (flow 8 liter) We use it for NCPAP en NIPPV. When suction is needed we remove one tube from a nostril, put a knot in it, so O2 (and some PEEEP?) is delivered; suction with catheter or with a Tendernose. With loads of secretion the tape will come lose sometimes, but overall no problems and no skin trauma. You can also insert one Vygon-tube, connected to your T-piece and let O2 and air flow, before extubating. With weeks/months of nCPAP the kids do get irritated by placing the tubes, no different than with mask/prongs. There is offcourse a resistance, especially with the smallest size. But in clinical practice we don't see that. We have used this with the Leoni ventilator and now with the Fabian ventilator. If you are in Amsterdam, you're welcome to come and visit
  4. In AmsterdamUMC location VUMC, we have no nasal trauma giving nCPAP by VYGON, a silicone double tube, fixated with tape. They come in different sizes, so even for the extreme neonates we use these. https://www.vygon.com/catalog/double-tube_575_00259615 For non-invasive suction we use the Tendernose. The Tendernose, is held in the nostril, coupled to a universal suction hose and the mucus is simply sucked away with the adjustable vacuum. Together with a specialist NICU nurse at the Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven, Medica-Europe has developed the Tendernose. This unique product is new in Europe and CE certified https://www.medica-europe.com/producten/ic-anesthesie-neonatologie/nasale-uitzuiger-neonaten
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