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  1. Verey interesting study. I'm interested in obtaining information on the regulations regarding the parameters of nasal high frequency, particularly for very preterm infants."
  2. @Stefan Johansson Thx for your answer. I attended'' Journées Parisiennes de Pédiatrie '' in Paris, 5-6 October where all conferences were for probiotics use, and then saw what was posted on October 4. We needed to clarify it. Best,
  3. "Can I ask which type of probiotics you are using, Katja? Which product did you use before, and which one are you using now?" Thx for sharing
  4. Thanks Bernhard for sharing this app. Why do they mention not to use this tool within first 48 hours? And do you have any idea on which curves these web calculations are based?
  5. We use MCT oil as fortifier especially when weight growth curve is not progressing and in BPD
  6. This is all I found for you An approach to the management of hyperbilirubinemia in the preterm infant less than 35 weeks of gestation. J Perinatol 2012;32:660–4 Otherwise, I do convert mg per dl to micromoles & use the 10% of weight formula
  7. For me it is the NCPNN network based at the american university covering the majority of NICUs The tricky question is : Is there a common network receiving all datas filled till today
  8. 1- A platelet count of at least 100,000 per microliter is recommended. 50000 for minor interventions 2- Yes we measure 3- Yes done by the American Societies of Anesthesiology and American Society of Hematology and there is a recent article from 2020 published in the Lancet Hematology for immune hematology cases tolerating surgery at less than 50000 platelets count anyway this must be evaluated case by case
  9. Hope this comparative article will help you find your answer I would say no especially if I must switch from caffeine to aminophylline pone.0274882.pdf
  10. The ENT has the key word Don't forget we have 3 types of tracheal atresia Necessity to evaluate if complete absence of trachea or only proximal with fistula
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