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  1. I tried to change but I found that our smoflipid contains microg of Aluminium and we are not only limited by time but also we can't exceed an amount of ml because of Aluminium toxicity We had lipofundin before but it was no more available since the start of COVID-19
  2. How many of you have put those aspirates back in the belly ? especially if you suspect NEC?
  3. This study has lot of limitations: retrospective study, more chronic patients with parents obviously familiarized to their preemies problems, with video laryngoscope use and no nasal TI and only 9,4% of parents If we distribute a questionnaire for stress to parents in acute phase immediately after delivery and later we can maybe realize it would be impossible in the first hours to have parents for suurfactant delivery and immediate care
  4. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12887-020-1958-9 Standardised neonatal parenteral nutrition formulations – Australasian neonatal parenteral nutrition consensus update 2017 I just found this publication in BMC pediatrics from 2017 and it seems obvious we must all shift to 48 hours for parenteral nutrition and consider it for lipids I remembered this discussion and I am sharing this article It contains other interesting informations
  5. I like the idea, Believe it has benefits, but I am sure it is very disturbing to my staff
  6. Effectively, never thought about that, The 24 hours were so obvious Thanks for sharing
  7. I am preparing a conference about post discharge nutrition for premature babies and I don't find much updates 

    Can anyone help me? Thx 

    1. M C Fadous Khalife

      M C Fadous Khalife

      Because no one reacted to my request and I have finished my topic let's share something more interesting 

      Since the starting of COVID, 2 days ago, I received my first newborn affected by COVID-19

      PCR at 8hours positive and 48 h positive ct 18 

      How many of you have newborn affected? 

      thank you for your reply 


  8. You can't think about I/E and PEEP, it's a completely different ventilation principle WNHS.NEO.VentilationHighFrequencyOscillatoryVentilationHFOV.pdf
  9. i would like to answer Dr Bachy about the reversed pre-post ductal pulse oximetry The most important is to focus on the PPHN; those cases not only seen in TGA but also in aortic arch interruption or CoA and they only represent less than 1% of the PPHN so very very very rare
  10. No but we double check our calculations in the neonatology unit
  11. I just can give you the link to our local study ( Published in BMC in february) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32066413
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