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  1. This is not common; in 5 years just saw 2 cases; effectively good response to diazoxide
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29579758
  3. Hello ! Is it indicated to do a chylothorax draining before birth when tge motger is contracting at 34 WG and it is a unilateral chylothorax? We have a gynecologist who did it and we had sort of disagrient 

    1. M C Fadous Khalife

      M C Fadous Khalife

      Sorry the mother 


  4. Very interesting application
  5. The first study I did many years ago with one of my students was a trial to replace apgar score cause I was Always convinced it is not adapted to prematures. At the end of the study, I found some interesting elements to measure but it didn't make up a score ! You gave me ideas; why not combine some variables from my study to some from the NRAS score to create a new clinical score. The NRAS is not purely clinical like Apgar but very interesting.
  6. I admit with all that old reflexes must not be forgotten but I feel relaxed when letting my residents do the NRP when I am looking to an EKG! EkG is very helpful but from time to time , it would be good not to put it to let the new generation realise that old habits are also good !!
  7. Agree for SIDS risk; Eran Alhaij,adversarial chilhood events are associated with SIDS:an ecological study, doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/339465 But it's not easy in our country to monitor at home till 3 months corrected age ; medicine is private, even post-dischqrge follow up by ''home care'' is expensive. WE only monitor BPD leaving the unit with nasal oxygen .
  8. Our first line antibiotics are Ampicillin and cefotaxime Meropenem comes in 3rd line Vancomycine is a 2nd line choice if he have a central line Amikin is usually used just for 48h till we are sure of our cultures results Sorry ampicillin and /or cefotaxime
  9. What about the best position for extremely premature babies ! Our cocoons are not adequate 

  10. Who can share experience concerning  the use of NIRS? 

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