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  1. @bimalc I will reach out to Susan. Thank you!
  2. @Vicki Payne would you be able to share your screening tool? Currently our protocol is to start out with any available colostrum. The problem is we don't deliver babies currently at this hospital so we rely on the transport team to bring us colostrum to start feeds with and that rarely happens (too busy with infant stabilization, outside hospital hasn't started mom pumping yet, indifferent attitude, etc.). We will start delivering at the end of the year and should see a huge increase in available colostrum for first feeds. If colostrum is not available and the mother has consented, then we start feeds with donor milk. We do advance at 10-20 mL/kg/day currently, but we're looking at new evidence and current practices at other facilities to see if we need to change our guidelines. I was intrigued by this article (https://www.cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD001241.pub7/full) that discussed faster enteral feeding volumes possibly preventing NEC in the ELBW population. Since I'm on the ELBW committee and haven't worked in a NICU that followed those guidelines I thought I'd reach out to see what everyone's thoughts were.
  3. I am on a committee for enteral feeds for ELBW infants. I've pulled some recent literature to see what I could find and there are conflicting viewpoints on whether feeds should advance more slowly or faster in ELBW infants. What is your guideline for enteral feeds progression in the ELBW infant? Kärsten
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