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  1. Thank you very much for the share, i just wanted to know despite this persistance of Leukocytosis and thrombocytopenia,How was the PBS result for this patient?
  2. Hello, I am Lionel,I think it is simple following the alphabetical letter M comes before N, which means,you start with suctioning the mouth first then later finish with the nose,1 .Oral,2.oropharyngeal,3. Nasopharyngeal.
  3. Thank you for your comments, considering the IWL and SWL and the risk that run this ELBW to develop the conditions like NEC, IVH, BPD, In our institution with collaboration of dietetics department, we do start feeds at 3-5ml/kg/day, divided in 8 feeds q24hrs,the increment is 20ml/kg/day while the patient still getting both parenteral and enteral feeds, indeed the fortification usually start between 11-13 days is the baby hasn't regain the BWT, and the ratio is 1 to 20 ml,of course 1 scoop of FM85 to 20ml EBM.
  4. Hello, I am dealing with a 12 day old male neonate,term baby, HIV unexposed,born via Spontaneous vaginal delivery with good Apgar score, and BWT:2950G,was brought in My Unit for Phototherapy because the Total Bilirubine was 376 Umol/l, prior to admission CBC and Blood culture taken CBC: WBC(N),HGB: 14.7g%,PLT:785, Repeated after 48 hours, PLT:865, 72HRS later 978, Patient clinically stable and completed 6 days IV Antibiotics( Ampi + Gentamycin), What could be the cause of this progressive Thrombocytosis and what are the therapeutic measures if we have to think of any Anti platelets Agents. Your comments are all welcome. DR LIONEL NKULU
  5. Hello, anyone experienced with use of Anti platelets agents in persistent thrombocytosis in Low birth weight, very low birth weight, low birth weight and term babies?
  6. Thank you very much with the Highlight on the use of Surfactant Nebulized, it is a very good experience that I am going to share with My colleagues. Very helpful comments.
  7. Hello, My name is Lionel, I have been referring many babies from my health institution to higher level, my concern is about the surfactant that we are using in prematurity and RDS, I would like to know if anyone has got experience in using surfactant nebulization instead of endotracheal use, if so what are the advantages and disadvantages. My regards
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