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  1. Hi Friends!greetingsfrom Hyderabad India, Could it be a variant of erythema toxicum neonatorum it is also a transient phenomenon.
  2. Dear Dr Prashanth welcome Dr Prasad Rao

  3. Hello friends, Greetings from Hyderabad India,I have a preterm baby (28-30 weeks) with resp.distress mother PPROM 3 days born by SVD mother received 2 doses of steroid. how to manage in a level III NICU setup since the parents are poor.
  4. Wish you very many more escapades if they arise in future! but I think we have happy days ahead!! With best wishes and good times.
  5. Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn is a disorder of vascular transition from fetal to neonatal circulation, manifesting as hypoxemic respiratory failure. It's a common pathway of vascular injury activated by numerous perinatal stresses. As with other multi factorial disorders, the optimal approach to the treatment of PPHN remains controversial. Although, inhaled NO therapy is currently regarded as the gold standard therapy about 30% of neonates fail to respond adequately to iNO. Further decreases in the morbidity and mortality associated with PPHN are possible with specific strategies to correct the imbalance between the vasoconstrictor and vasodilator mediators that play an important role in the regulation of the transition from a high to low pulmonary vascular resistance state and strategies to reduce lung injury.Sildenafil is being tried in many centres in India with fair results.
  6. Hello Wackdi; you are looking great! Greetings from Hyderabad

  7. Hello Shob how are you hows life at Saudi hospital

  8. Hello!! greetings from Hyderabad India what sedation or anaesthesia do you use in neonates for procedures like MRI.
  9. NEOCON 2009 at Ahmedabad during 10-13 December 2009
  10. Bicarbonate is not being used here in our NICU in resuscitation of a neonate and later unless used for documented metabolic acidosis as stated earlier,
  11. We have been using Ciprofloxacin judiciously in our NICU's since 9 years and it has been of immense help in Bacterial meningitis, culture sensitive sepsis.Dose 10mg/kg/day bid
  12. Routine gastric lavage is unnecessary we do it only in case of ceasarean sections where there is thick pasty meconium to prevent aspiration after regurgitation. Do you do the same? Or some of us believe in generalisation & not sure of preventive medicine?
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