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Found 3 results

  1. This series of videos takes viewers through a human factors approach to management of neonatal emergencies. This video addresses the phases of a neonatal emergency which can be compartmentalized into Situation Escalation and Management. The concept is to allow teams to get a multidisciplinary team capable of advanced neonatal life support through escalation so that they can manage the situation. The basic principles of thermoregulation, airway, breathing, and circulation apply to all neonatal emergencies. Certain situations require specialist teams, equipment and specific management. Where possible such situations are managed as anticipated emergencies. Some situations will not allow for preparation time and planning. These are unanticipated emergencies. The aims of the videos in this series are to provide neonatal teams with strategies to improve their approach to neonatal emergencies. The focus is on standardizing 1. Preparation 2. Escalation * for Help 3. Teamwork 4. Communication 5. Leadership 6. Equipment management 7. Management of systems 8. Management of specific conditions diagnosed antenatally or postnatally 9. Use of Checklists Video
  2. Good morning, I am pleased to write you. I am a Peruvian neonatologist and I would like to share ideas and comments about Five Inflation Breaths (5-IB) strategy. I belong to a group of pediatrician that is interested in strategies for triggering First Breath at birth (1)... and 5-IB seem very interesting. 5-IB is mostly used in Europe, but not in America (2) (3). I wonder if it is possible to compare such differences through an ecological study analyzing European and American data.... I am writing to ask if someone believe that we can work together in this kind of ecological research?... Could you share with us some statistical data from European sources? In the beginning, my team and I could assume some data analysis and initial draft reports. We can arrange further details on Skype. Please, tell me what you think, Kind regards, Carlos A. Delgado. MD, PhD Lima, Peru cdelgado.isn@gmail.com skype: cdelgado.isn (1) First Breath: http://www.grandchallenges.ca/grantee-stars/0690-01-10/ (2) Klingenberg C, O'Donnell CP (2016) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26855292 (3) Perlman J (2016) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26855293
  3. Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am a Peruvian Neonatologist very pleased to return to 99nicu (where I belong since 2006). I am back online after some years searching a PhD in Epidemiology in Brazil... Now, mixing neonatology with research, I am presenting a couple of ideas to the contest "Grand Challenges" - Canada. Each video is 2 minutes long and I would like to invite you to see and give your vote for them. A neonatal breathing PAD : This video proposes a cushion-pad to offer a postural support of the neonatal head and ease breathing at birth. This device might prevent neck hyper-extension or hyper-flexion. FIRST BREATH: with a little help : This video shows a device with simplified bellows mechanism to stimulate respiration of the newborn at birth.How to vote: Click Like button, enter the characters you see into the form and click Vote. If you cannot work out what the characters are, click the refresh button in the catpcha to get a new set of characters. Feel free to share this message and links to other colleagues and friends. Thank you, Best regards, Carlos A. Delgado Bocanegra. MD. IBCLC. PhD Pediatrician Neonatologist. Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño Lima - PERU
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