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NIDCAP (Neonatologist In Duty-Darkness Cannot Assess the Pager)

Stefan Johansson


Friday afternooon.

Had just come home from holiday and rang up my friend and colleague. For a chat. He was still at work. The doctor on the on-call-schedule had not showed up. Mistake, but still!

Tempted by the "short notice bonus" for the night shift (money can drive me to do things too...), I volunteered, went to the NICU, changed clothes and was handed over the new pager.

The new pager - a massively bulky something! (new and modern technical things tends to get smaller and smaller. Maybe this was the exception from the rule).

A calm evening. Went to bed at midnight. The pager went off at 3 am.

Woke up, fiddled with the pager, looking at the large NOT-backlit LCD-screen in the dark. The telephone number was shown in the upper left corner with very tiny-tiny digits. Damn large screen, why the **** are the digits displayed so small in the upper left corner ??!!

PRESBYOPIA, here I come... 8)


Recommended Comments

Amazingly , I read the title as (Neonatologist In Duty-Darkness Cannot Assess the Apgar). May be because in neonatal medicine the apgar score and assessment always come together. So you are not alone in this .While going through the post, i was thinking , how is he going to assess the apgar in darkness.

for the sake of imagination, we can do the following: use other senses e.g listen and touch.

1: listen: if a good loud cry is heard and is heard give breathing 2 and HR 2

2: touch : baby is responding to your touch and the lower limbs are flexed and tone is good, give 2 for tone and 2 for reflex.

Omer Hamud


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