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Stephanie and SLE 5000 ventilators

Guest jaideep-s

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Guest jaideep-s

We are in the process of buying new ventilators which can provide both conventional and High Frequency. We have used the Babylog so far which is an excellent ventilator but unfortunately does not oscillate the term babies effectively. We would like to choose between SLE 5000 and the Stephanie ventilators. With the SLE we have tried we had problems re condensation in the circuits causing auto peep and descripencies between set and measured parameters. Others seem to have similar difficulties. Has anyone had experience with the Stephanie ventilators? Also any idea of the annual maintainence costs for the two?


Jaideep Singh

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We have both Stephanie and SLE 5000. Have used the SLE 2000 for many years and very impressed with it. With SLE 5000 have found alarms to go off frequently. In IMV/SIMV mode found MAP reading on ventilator was often less than calculated MAP.

SLE 5000 less problems with HFO -works well.

Stephanie has some problems with rainout.

In Australia - Stephanie has better after sales help with education and problems than SLE with result that nurses more often than not set up Stephanie - when anticipating a new ventilated baby.

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On the Stephanie machine, you have the most used modes of ventilation that you need (conventionnel, HFO, Volume modes ...) with well graphical representation. problems concerns: Hmidification++++++++++++++++, the lenght of the circuit, setting of alarms and complicated materiels to be cleaned.

We used also the SLE2000+, less than modes of ventiation, trigerring ventilation go fail usually, frequently rearming of alarm and HFO less effective than STE or sensor medics.

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