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  1. Thanks a lot Gopan, I presume you mean there could be up to 10 leukocytes in a normal 30 weeker in the 1st week of life and out of it up to 28% PMN is normal. Is that what you meant? Are there POG matched CSF normal cell counts in literature? That's interesting, please let me know if there are further references. Thanks again, Regards Nilan
  2. Dear All, Please enlighten me on how to come to a conclusion on following CSF report 30 weeker, LP done on day 3 of starting antibiotics prophylactically for prematurity. Only indication was to do a LP was positive blood culture for Group B strep and high CRP. Infant didn't have signs of Meningitis. CSF report- RBC 15/mm3 WBC 7/mm3 (Neutrophils 3, Lymphocytes 4) Protein 40mg/dl CSF sugar 65mg/dl RBS 75mg/dl CSF Antigen/culture both Negative My concern mostly is 3 neutrophils, Would you consider this LP as positive and please comment on normal differential counts of WBC in p
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