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Hi Katja, we use Metavision on our NICU, and also our PICU and Adult ICUs. I have used another version of the same software at another hospital in UK.When transitioning from paper notes to electronic notes, there are always some small sticking points, but the system’s adaptable and you can make changes.

What are your main concerns?

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COPRA is up for discussion.  One of my colleagues has experience with it and says that there is practically no NICU module.  Which means to invest a lot of time.  I would like to know if there is a PDMS where there are better structures for NICU?

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Dear Katja,

I am german neonatologist working Head of department on a Dutch level 3 NICU and I’m also CMIO (Chief Medical Information officer) of the hospital. We have done a lot of work to search for the right choice and learned that is really depending on your local needs and architecture. Main question is how your hospital is making choices (what are the leading principles):

1. Integration in clinical workflows and interaction with equipment (eg Philips, Draeger).

2. Integration in hospital system / EHR (integration).

3. Best for ward (individualisation).

In the international market for individual PDMS solution Metavision is one of the leaders - the software is flexible and gives a lot of freedom to adapt to your department. Other systems are more solutions where PDMS is part of hardware as monitoring (eg Philips, Draeger).

In the Netherlands it is common to chose a suite for the hospital with fully integration  (EPIC, Chipsoft) wher PDMS is a functionality within the EHR / hospital information system.

A last but not least it is always also a business decision - so costs are important :-(

I don’t know what you really needs are and automation is a complex field. If you have further questions you can contact me and I can try to give you Tips and possible advice.

Regards, Thilo


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Hello Katja,

I have worked with different kind of PDMS in different countries.

Mostly I have worked (and configured) the PDMS system from GE (CliniSoft in Sweden)

Since four months ago, I am implementing the COPRA system at my new work in Mainz. As mentioned before, all systems have their pros and cons. After a lot of work, together with the IT and the pharmacy, we have our system up and running. I would say: It works ok and is definitely better than the paper system we had before. The V3 version of the ordinating tool has some interesting features for neonatologists.

With kind regards


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Dear colleague

As we know that PDMS is considered the primery system for medical physicians in intensive care setting .

As paediatrician, i was interested in collection of medical information, traceability of prescriptions/medical orders, confidentiality duties, the security of the medical record and optimization of patient care.

I have had a long experience with help other colleagues in governmental hospsital in Jordan at the department of children and neonatology.  

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I am Occupational Therapist working in the NICU in India. Last few years we working on the project viz. INDIA EBUS. It's dedicated to the neurodevelopmental care in the NICU. But it can be expanded and customized to meet the medical needs. You can visit https://www.therapyconcepts.org/product-page/quick-india-ebus to know more.

Presently we are studying on usefulness of INDIA EBUS to improve the adherance to the developmentally supportive care in the NICU.


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@KatjaKatja thank you for bringing up this topic. We are currently in the process of implementing a pdms. We have not been able to find a ideal solution for the Nicu. Copra at least works well for pediatric patients 

@Wigand I am really interested in a Obis based solution. To my understanding there is no Nicu modification! There is a rumor that they are working with a company in France who might be able to provide a add-on in the future. We did research and Icu Manager is running at the Bult hospital in Hannover - at the Picu. There is no Nicu working with Orbis Icu manager! 


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