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  1. @Monivent: I'm really interested in your product for training (1) and clinical use(2). Could you please contact me?
  2. 1. DR c, NICU c or d. We don't have heater integrated in our T-Piece setting so on the ward NICU we prefer warm and humidified gas (ventilator) if possible. 2. Not now in DR - we asked for budget to implement RFM next year but it's formal only for research ;-). Main issue is that there is no one with full approval/certification for clinical use in our population. Is well CE (technical) but a grey zone for our purpose (high risk intervention while stabilisation/resuscitation). If we use ventilator we can use measurements from this devices (Fabian). 3. We regularly start wit
  3. We admit patients with bronchiolitis ore other viral infections which are spread aerogen on our NICU from home, regional hospitals or other wards in our hospital. I'm working in The Netherlands where Intensive Care is highly centralized in 10 NICU's and 7 PICU's. We had trouble with the nationally bed capacity (PICU) and transport distances. So we started in our department treating these patients to solve this problem although we were not really happy about the risk we had to accept. This happend from 2006 in an "Open Bay" unit and we used strict protocols which we developed together with
  4. Nice topic... we are really modern and innovative in our region (Eindhoven, Brainport region) and also in our department. I'm struggeling with all these innovative / niew devices aiming on the same population/situation where I cannot find the whole workflow and complexity of delivery and stabilisation / transition of the Baby. Our local colleagues form obstetrics are dreaming about developing an "artificial Womb" and setting up research network,, we (neonatology) participate in a Nationwide study about cord clamping while patient is on respiratory support (device is called Concord,
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